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So there we have it! Gold for Bradley Wiggins, bronze for Chris Froome. A great result for Team GB. Oh, and a silver for Tony Martin of Germany. Here’s what we said before the event and snapped over the course of the day…

… And today the London 2012 Olympic cycling continues. The men’s and women’s time trials pass through the Borough with the men’s route touching Twickenham, just. Part of it runs up Strawberry Vale and back down Waldegrave Road so we’re happy to claim that for the Twickerati. The men’s race starts at 14.15 and the riders set off at 90 second intervals with the fastest riders setting off last. The course is 44km and, basically, the cyclist who clocks the fastest time is the winner. The Twickenham section is near the end of the race and the first cyclists should reach here at 15.00 but they won’t wait for you!

With Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome competing, here’s hoping for a British medal or maybe two. Come on, Team GB! [UPDATE: you know the rest!]

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Early. Strawberry Vale.

Where’s Wiggo?

A USA rider warming up? Or just some poser in Lycra?


Don’t rate the chances for this Chinese rider on that bike. Strawberry Vale

No chance!

Getting busy …


And we’re off…

From Twickerati on Flickr

Bradley Wiggins on his way to GOLD!

More Wiggo

And more… (from Richard Clemence)

Wiggins in action (copyright Richard Clemence)

And more… (from Dean Monahan)

More Wiggo (copyright Dean Monahan)

Spanish determination…
Time trial

Chris Froome heading for a bronze

Crowds in Twickenham…

People gather round to watch the finish on a laptop.


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* London 2012 link here showing start times
* And route map here
* Useful BBC Preview to the event

P.S. We’ll add a few pics here but if you have any photos of the TT or any other Olympic stuff just email them to twickerati@gmail.com and say if you want a name check or not. Or send us a link to where they are on twitter or flickr.
P.P.S You may have spotted our lack of coverage of the road races at the weekend. We apologise and put missing this massive event down to, how to put it, actually being away from Twickenham. Yes it does happen sometimes. We’re so, so sorry.