Well the Twickenham Area Action Plan is now out for another bout of public consultation. Its final one no less! It could be your very, very last chance to have a say on the TWAP on its journey to becoming part of the town’s “local development framework” (LDF). As you already know the plan deals with how Twickenham should develop (and improve, of course) over the next 15 years. Once the consultation period ends on 31 August it will be submitted for approval to his Royal Lordship, the Secretary of State for Twickenham TWAPs at Number 10 Downing Street, London, England. In the interests of accuracy we’ll confess that it actually goes to the Department for Communities and Local Government, however we can but dream that one day such a position will exist at the very heart of government. Something for Vince Cable after he finishes at BIS perhaps?

The plan will, in the words of El Brute, “focus on creating a strong employment location, district retail centre, visitor and tourist destination and centre for sports, leisure arts and cultural activities as well as a more diverse evening economy”. As part of the overall Twickenham plan the Council are also consulting specifically on the “street scene and highways” in the town. This covers transport & traffic management (like moving the bus stops which has caused some angst), cycle links (something we’re pretty poor at in the UK), and improving public spaces. Something for everyone, if you will.

And then, after all of this, if the Government’s Official Inspector of TAAPs thinks the plan is sound then it will be formally adopted by the Council and we’re off. This is expected to take place in 2013.

To avoid having two TWAP items running at once, you can add any comments on TAAPs, TWAPs, Twickenham regeneration and local village plans on our recent item on the subject. There are already some interesting comments which means it could well be time to add yours….

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