The current craze for winter ice rinks could reach Twickenham this winter. Perhaps you’re thinking that the seemingly endless dose of rubbish weather is actually the beginning of winter but it’s worth holding onto the hope the summer could still appear at some point. While you’re clinging to that thought, the peeps at TwickenhamAlive, “purveyors of things to do for the people of Twickenham”, have submitted a planning application for a temporary ice rink on the tennis courts at York House. It would run for 6 weeks and add a new option for those who enjoy hobbling around on ice, arms flailing, donning a hat and scarf despite it being 9 degrees, and wearing a facial expression that’s 50% sheer terror, 30% embarrassment, 18% enjoyment and 2% “other”. Brothers and sisters, we’ve all been there! The idea of some post-skate recuperation at nearby hostelries such as the Royal Oak or White Swan doesn’t sound too unpleasant either but best of all, we can’t wait for the inaugural ice hockey match between Lord True’s Conservative Wildcats and Stephen Knight’s Lib Dem Rockets.

Ice rink here?

Somerset House, Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens, the Natural History Museum and Hyde Park all host, or have hosted, temporary ice rinks. Why not Twickenham? Do you want one? Will it draw in the punters? Will you be doing your Torville & Dean or your Robin Cousins at York House? In short, are you up for it?

* TwickenhamAlive
* LBRuT Planning page