Langtons, Par Ici and Dapper on Church Street. Card Factory and Clintons on King Street. Laura Ashley on Heath Road and HMH Electrical on Cross Deep. No spotter’s badge for guessing what they all have in common. That’s right, they’re all closed or, in the case of Langton’s, are just about to. Need more examples? Just take a look at London Road. Indian restaurant Indus has cleared the decks after just 18 months or so in business, and the financial adviser across the street is no more. On Heath Road, Karahi Spices “new management” seemed to have opted for a locked door policy and the nearby “doomed from the start” Internet café has now closed its shutters to the world. (Given that most people actually have their own computers these days and some even have internet access both at home AND on the move through wifi and via their mobiles, it was just never gonna happen. Let’s leave the internet cafes back in the late 90s, please.)

So what is happening then? Work is underway to fit-out the old Laura Ashley shop as a Sue Ryder charity store. The Harlequins Shop at Twickenham Green is gone and is being replaced by bridal wear shop Emma Elizabeth. Meanwhile Belmont Bakery on Queen’s Road has an “under new management” sign up but we await details of what’s going on. Let’s just hope mouse dropping are not part of the new set up. And, wait for it, even the tiny JoJoLoo café is now open. It ain’t busy but it’s certainly now open. At the moment.

More interestingly what was The Ranch (and before that the Hook, Line & Sinker) on York Street is to re-open as Ales & Tails giving Twickenham a bar which features specialist beers and cocktails. Sounds interesting. Something a little bit sophisticated for the twickerati, perhaps? It’s due to open from July through to August as a “pop up” bar but could stick around longer. Who knows, it might even become the quintessentially totes amazeballs bar of Twickenham. It’s being set up by the people behind Citizen Smith in Putney so they’ve got a little bit of history in catering for the drinkers of south west London. Power to the people, n all that.

That’s probably enough to be going on with for now. We’d like to be more positive but we just can’t, although do check back soon to cast your eye over more letters strung together to form words about shops in Twickenham town centre.

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