Twickenham Festival: How was it for you?

So, Twickenham Festival has now ended. As the food stalls, paddleboards, music stages, beer tents, dragon boats and kids rides get packed up for another year and the padlocks firmly secured on Pope’s Grotto and JMW Turner’s house, we ask the question, “How was it for you”? OK, so it’s not quite like that and there’s no huge lock-up in a railway arch where Arthur Daley is storing all that kit for the next 11 1/2 months but we like the idea of it anyway. And fret not, there are still a lot of events going on over the summer which you can check out on our What’s On page (see Index menu) but the Festival proper is now done & dusted.

A lot of work goes into putting on the activities and so we’ll add a word of thanks to all those who helped make it happen especially the folks at Twickenham Alive, LBRuT (yes, El Brute), the Twickenham Town Business Association (including its Chairman Bruce “Crusader Travel” Lyons). Cheers folks.

The weather was a bit crap for most of it but the turn out seemed pretty good. Did you go to much? Did you go to too much? Too many events? Or too few? If you didn’t show up, what would you want to see at a Twickenham Festival to grab your attention? Too many questions? Time for some answers then. Off you go…

P.S. One link:
* The twickerati Twickenham Festival & Carnival Photo Gallery


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6 responses to “Twickenham Festival: How was it for you?

  1. Anonymous

    Still more to come: Visit the Eel Pie Artisits Open studios 11 – 6 pm the next 2 weekends.

  2. Yvonne Hewett

    Turner’s House – Sandycombe Lodge – isn’t padlocked! It’ll be open on the first Saturday of the month until October. See

  3. Anonymous

    The Carnival Parade was great. Loved the steel band, a dancing mayor and can I mention those Brazilian dancers on here? The Thai food at Orleans House was very tasty and the other food looked good too. I would have liked to have seen more for older kids (8-14) as it seemed quite focused on the younger ones. Or maybe I was just there at the wrong time? Overall, a very good couple of hours.

  4. TwicksVics

    The Carnival at Orleans Gallery was fabulous, so much fun, quality entertainment, loved the kids’ craft stuff, the food, the atmosphere, hats off to the organisers!

  5. George

    The idea of a Twickenham Festival is great and there was a lot going on and even the weather on the first two Saturdays was okay when Mr Tenant Finder was putting the bands on by the Eel Pie Bridge. What was a bit unclear in terms of profile was the difference between the events on the 3 Saturdays -Regatta, Blue Mile & Dragon Boats – and although it’s probably not feasible to have all of them on the same day, having a clear river festival day would be good. Ditto with the music, including the Fun Day on the Green, having a clear Twickenham music day with local bands including young talent, clearly billed in advance would be good. Maybe central Twickenham doesn’t quite have the space to have something as big as Strawberry Hill Music Day in the town centre but I think that having one big ‘showpiece’ event would be good. I enjoyed the events I attended but would definitely want a bit more sunshine next year.

    • On Sunday the 1st of July The Friends of Twickenham Green will again be running the Village of Twickenham Green Fete. This show cases local bands of many types in half hour slots between 12 noon and 8 pm and local artists can also display their works free of charge. More information is on the Friends web site.