You can’t beat a good tabloid style headline. Even when it’s not true. But there is a grain of truth in it…

Homes in central Twickenham were left without power on Monday night after a faulty fuse caused a fire at a substation in Radnor Road. No one was injured in the fire but around 200 homes suffered a power cut. Roads hit included Radnor Road, Cross Deep Gardens and Tennyson Avenue. Despite the loss of electricity some of the affected residents were able to resort to Twitter to tweet about the inconvenience caused. One local went as far as to tweet, “Still no power in the house. Boo!” before adding on Tuesday morning, “The power FINALLY came back on! Wooohoooooo”. Fair Do’s. After all, if Twitter’s good enough for the Arab Spring it’s good enough for Twickenham.

Power supplies were restored on Tuesday but with some intermittent disruption along the way. How was it for you?

* Richmond & Twickenham Times