Twickenham Festival is Underway

Friday 1st June and Twickenham Festival gets underway with a Tug of War competition in front of The Barmy Arms on Twickenham Embankment. Actually let’s get things straight, this is not just any Twickenham Festival, this is the 2012 Twickenham Riverside Jubilee Festival. A bit too long for you? Well if you like to tweet we’ll also going hashtag crazy and calling it #twickfest. We’ll be adding comments & photos over the fortnight. Why not add yours? Well?!

UPDATE: Our main (i.e. bigger) gallery of Twickfest pictures is now here.


There’s plenty going on over the next 17 days including events on the river (regatta, dragon boats, paddle boarding), live music, craft markets, food markets, stalls, a D-Day dance and a whole bunch of activities for children. The Festival concludes on Sunday 17th June with the Twickenham Carnival in the grounds of Orleans House Gallery. There are links below to more information on what’s on when, so you’ve got no excuse, repeat no excuse, not to get involved. Enjoy your twickfest! We’ll add more comments and pictures below. Why not add yours.

* twickerati May to July “What’s On”
* Official site: Twickenham Alive

The tug of war:


St Mary’s Church fete:


Ice cream by the river:


The live music stage:


The coolest dog in Twickenham. Nice afro!


Water zorbing at Champions Wharf (c Twickenham Alive)


Live music, Twickenham (c Twickenham Alive)


Hopeless weather didn’t stop this Jubilee street party Zumba class in Fifth Cross Road. Now that’s dedication to the cause. (via Louisa Bell)

Street Party in Fifth Cross Road (Louisa Bell)

Saturday 9th June…

Eel Pie Bridge

Live Music, Twickenham

Kayaks at the Ecover Blue Mile

E-type & ice cream

LINKS (again):
* twickerati May to July “What’s On”
* Official site: Twickenham Alive

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3 responses to “Twickenham Festival is Underway

  1. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the carousel that was parked by the river on Saturday was OK? The tide was creeping ever closer (the council hadn’t told the owner about this, apparently) and things were looking dicey.

    • twickenhamalive

      The carousel was fine & dry and the height of the tide had been calculated in advance to ensure there was no problem. The carousel owner used the same position last September and was fully aware of the tidal nature of the Embankment.

    • Anonymous

      No, he wasn’t. I asked him. Anyway, I’m glad it was OK—by what must have been about two inches.