Boris Bungs a Wedge Twick-Side

A station. In Twickenham

Richmond Council has announced that the Boris and his amazing, dancing Greater London Authority will chip in £1.6m towards improvements at Twickenham station. Yay! Free money! What we all gonna spend it on then? Booze?? Too bad, it’s already allocated. It’s going to be used towards replacing the bridge between the platforms and on various other bits of platform level improvements, such as extending the canopies. These improvements form part of the Section 106 arrangements that El Brute agreed with the developer. LBRuT has indicated that some of the dosh could also be used to revamp the footbridge that crosses from Mary’s Terrace to Cole Park Road. Hooray (again).

Or is it hooray? We all love a bit of ‘free’ money coming our way, right? But one question stands out like a sore thumb… that’s then been hit with a hammer… then slammed in a door. Namely, why do we need grants for this from the GLA when Solum Regeneration recently had their big station development plans approved? One might have expected the joint venture between Network Rail (who ought to know a bit about stations) and Kier Property (who ought to know a bit about buildings) to have cooked up plans for “regeneration” (their word) that improved the “platform experience” as one of its very first principles. It’s a teeny bit disappointing that the GLA (i.e. taxpayers) had to contribute funds to make such basic improvements as part of the large commercial development of the station site. But hey, what do we know? Sure, yes we’d absolutely rather have this money than not and, as it’s coming from other people, who cares, right?

* El Brute Press Release
* Solum Regeneration


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4 responses to “Boris Bungs a Wedge Twick-Side

  1. jon

    so all you clueless people want massive tower blocks then???
    and more drunken rugger fans asking *where* the station is, due to it being hidden under piles of concrete office blocks, ….
    the rest will go elsewhere, away from the UGLY part of town…

  2. Guess who

    Hey Nonny Mouse et all
    This is about Twickenham Train Station not the Filthy Rich RFU’s Rugby Stadium, who incidentally have not made a financial contribution towards the station works, but they have made lots of misleading comments and hot air
    But then they have bunged our council some nice sweeteners [money to pay for events] so that makes it ok then!?
    Had Richmond council officers and the planning committee had their wits about them the work to be done with Boris’s £1.6 K wedge of dosh would and should have been part of the overall station plans, thus saving us the taxpayers £1.6 million
    This £1.6 million could then have been used for a really deserving project and not to seemingly prop up a weak and inefficient planning department.
    Solum and Network Rail bosses must be wetting themselves with laughter, with bungling Boris and Richmond council planning department the butt of the joke

  3. Anonymous

    The stadium redevelopment is good news and I’d rather local government spent money on that than, oooh, I don’t know, Catholic secondary schools?

    [editor: you mean station not stadium right?]

    • Ian Blackman

      It is good so see that Boris is paying for so many improvements at the station. My question is what benefits will be provided by Solum? The station will have a lower capacity and will only barely meet Network Rail’s minimum requirements.

      The outside of the station is fine. Are the two lifts the only benefit we will get for the tower blocks and the closure of the station?