El Brute has said it will stick with the results of a recent survey and continue to provide youth facilities at Heatham House, Twickenham. The Council had been pushing its vision of a new purpose-built youth centre as part of the proposed development of Twickenham’s sorting office site but a narrow victory for the ‘save Heatham House’ brigade means that the 18th century building and its grounds will remain in their current use. In a slightly tersely worded press release the Council said, “You kids. You don’t know what you’re missing. Now you’ve made your bed, you’d better bloody well lie in it”. Actually it didn’t say that but the tone was certainly something along those lines. The Council has said it’s now unlikely that new youth facilities will form part of discussions about the future of the sorting office site. But please, can no one mention having an ice rink instead.

It’s not clear whether the majority in favour of keeping Heatham House as is were particularly attached to the building itself or were simply sceptical that a new youth centre built as part of a larger development would be able to provide facilities of an equal or better standard. Perhaps they’re concerned that, “in these difficult times” when “we’re all in it together”, the plans for the new “state of the art” centre could get chipped away at until, when finally completed, it doesn’t quite live up to the original vision and leaves El Brute’s youth provision all the poorer for it.

So kids, did you do the right thing?

* LBRuT Press Release
* Friends of Heatham House