The tide is high…

Oh dear. Spring tides and recent rains causing very high tides all along the tidal Thames. And yes, that red sign warns of flooding but come on, who’s ever going to read that?

Flooding by St Mary’s Church

And here’s the new Twickenham Canal, by Orleans House.

Near Orleans House

Bank Holiday Monday saw more of the same…

And again on Monday…


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9 responses to “The tide is high…

  1. rickyandbianca

    Word of warning, another monster forcast at 0545AM on the 9th May….so start moving those cars now!

  2. There was one glorious winter, many moons ago when the tide came up over Marble Hill Park and froze. It was Christmas and my brothers pushed me across the ice at lightning speed on a park bench. It was ACE.

  3. rickyandbianca

    To be fair that tide was extreme, there was a full moon (big tide coming in) and lots of flood water coming down.

    But how far do you go with the signs?

    The Golf and the LR are clearly way past the sign and to the right of the slip, if they choose to park there they take the risk…you cant get any nearer to the river bank with those two…

    However I agree with spring tides a lot of the car park spaces are exposed but again the signs are there? Perhaps an enlarged tide table attached to the posts below the signs with red marks for springs? (springs mean v high tides)

    • rickyandbianca

      Apologies just read that you have stated springs and flood water…well it is Monday morning..

    • SGdB

      Yes, those cars are obviously vulnerable, but what about the parking area between the Mary Wallace Theatre and the Barmy Arms? People think they are safe up there, but the highest tides reach a long way up that slope. I reckon that at least one car suffers flooding there each year, probably more. We locals know what it can be like, but perhaps we should be more concerned for ignorant visitors.

  4. SGdB

    There was some poor fellow who had to call the R.A.C. on Saturday evening because his car had been flooded. He said that he knew that cars by the riverside could get flooded, but he hadn’t realised how high it could come. Perhaps that red sign doesn’t make things clear enough?

    • You’d think that LBRuT or someone could put up some temporary signs when particularly high tides are expected. It wouldn’t take long. Wondering if insurance companies will pay out in cases where cars are parked in areas where general flood warning signs do exist (like here) but get routinely ignored.

    • SGdB

      Or perhaps the signs should be as far inland as the water comes. That chap thought that it was only cars at the edge (as in the photograph) which were vulnerable and has assumed that he was far enough away from the river to be safe.

    • Anonymous

      They are the first steps at the museum ?