Two today, but who’s counting?

Twickerati: younger than this card

Today (May 4th) is the ‘official birthday’ of the twickerati site. It’s been going two years. TWO YEARS! We don’t think you’re that bothered otherwise you’d have baked a cake and sent it to us in our bunk hole on the top of Regal House or at the ice cream van or wherever, but we’re pleased nevertheless. Interest in the site continues to grow and so we continue to witter on. Whether we’re blathering about the TWAP (Twickenham Action Plan), El Brute (London Borough of Richmond upon Thames), the best Chinese in town, the surfeit of cafes or even the latest pronouncement from Lord True (aka The Duke of York [House] or The Blue Baron), we just want to keep people interested in all things Twickenham. Some of the best pieces on the site are the contributions from you lot, the readers, whether it’s features, reviews or just comments on stories. And of course, more contributions are always welcome. Don’t be shy, this is your site after all. (Well obviously it’s not but you get the drift). If you like the site, please tell others and if you don’t like it, tell others anyway. We’ll not go on about birthdays every year so for the time being, thank you for your support and keep those contributions coming in.


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6 responses to “Two today, but who’s counting?

  1. Anonymous

    Twickerati – you should spread the word at this years Twickenham festival. It’s a great site.

  2. Happy birthday! And thanks for all your hard work – this blog is really great for finding out what’s going on in the area and what’s affecting the local community. AND I have a loooong list of Chineses, Indians and pubs to try thanks to you…..

  3. May the 4th be with you! Joyeux Anniversaire.

  4. Congratulations, and thanks for your efforts creating this great resource.

  5. leelcampbell

    Thanks Twickerati.
    Happy birthday and long may you blog.

  6. Happy birthday and congratulations!

    I know it is hard work, but well worth doing!