Hot on the heels of the announcement by the developer Taylor Wimpey that it was withdrawing its bid for the Twickenham Film Studios site comes the news that a mystery bidder has appeared and may be about to save the day. Or they may not, of course. That’s the thing about mystery bidders…. the clue’s in the name.

The mystery bidder (MB) has paid the administrator a non-returnable £100k deposit to buy 4 weeks of exclusivity in which to seal the deal. Fair do’s. No point going too public until the ink is dry. MB’s intention is to continue to operate the site as a working studio and preserve the jobs based there. That sounds like good news for the Save Twickenham Film Studios campaign and all those wanting to see the area maintain its links to the film industry. But the deal’s not yet done and who is this publicity shy MB anyway? Are M and B their initials? Doubt it. But while we ponder on the next instalment in this saga, it is perhaps time to speculate wildly and inaccurately on who, with the initials MB, might be saving the day for Twickenham studios.

So we say “Hoorah” for:
* Marlon Brando (pros: big, big celebrity name / cons: dead)
* Mel B (pros: likely to tell you what she wants / cons: what she really, really wants)
* Michael Bolton (pros: knows about the entertainment business / cons: biggest days behind him. Likewise his biggest hair)
* Mister Bean (pros: none / cons: everything ever)

Who do you think it could be?

* Guardian story