Best Chinese or Thai in Twickenham. You tell us.

Is there a town in Britain without a Chinese takeaway? Come to think of it, is there a city in the world without a Chinese restaurant of some kind? To take each of those questions in turn, probably not and… probably not. Add to that the fact (and it is a fact, or at least a made-up fact) that Thai food is the new Chinese and that Vietnamese is the new Thai and we’re positively spoilt for choice when it comes to cuisine from the far east. Or so you might think. A recent delivery to twickerati HQ of a decidedly average Chinese takeaway sowed the [sesame] seeds for this item. Let’s just say that a few of the dishes were left a little bit wanton. New knowledge is required. We’ve previously established Twickenham’s best Indian restaurant, where the best Italian food is to be found and which is best local pub (the answer to all three questions being a very clear: “your personal favourite”) but what about the best place for crispy duck pancakes, or pad thai or pho? Whether it’s eat in or takeaway, the twickerati need to share their knowledge and reviews of where’s best in Twickenham for Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. And how about where to go for Indonesian and Malaysian food? Or perhaps we want to head north for some Japanese and Korean fare?

Here’s a list of most of the places that fit the bill in Twickenham although we’ve probably missed a few: Jun Ming (Heath Road), O’Zon (London Road), Shanghai Village (York Street), Pho Saigon (York Street), Miss Siam (York Street), Lakksa Thai (Heath Road), Thai Pin (St Margarets Road), Thai at the Prince Albert (Hampton Road), Makan Makan (Richmond Road), Fat Boys or Thai Upon Thames (East Twickenham), Sopa, (Strawberry Hill), Panda Garden takeaway (Heath Road) or E-wok takeaway (Crown Road).

Add your comments and reviews right here. We’re simply quite desperate to find out what you think.

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30 responses to “Best Chinese or Thai in Twickenham. You tell us.

  1. Craig

    Being a regular to these pages and looking for a Chinese delivery in Twickenham on a Friday night after a hard week we chose Panda Garden, ordered at 19:37, (online through hungry house as their site suggests), chased at 20:20 and at 20:45 we got a call from the delivery guy as he had been given the wrong post code. A real disappointment with the service and not yet had a chance to try it but even if it tastes great we will not be using them again.

    • Nikki

      I wldv done the same. Oriental Chef on corner of Chudleigh Road nr stadium does delicious Chinese and have been a customer for some years. Badly let down by delivery service a few weeks ago. It took two people to take my order over the phone. Phoned them again after over an hour and they denied all knowledge. Ended up with Pizza Hut delivery within 30 minutes instead.

  2. twixmix

    Makan makan on Richmond rd is my favourite. Food’s always very tasty, it’s good value and they’re always really friendly. Usually prompt deliveries too.
    Prince Albert best for Thai.

    • Dahlia

      I’ve heard several people sing the praises of the Thai kitchen at Prince Albert & I’ve been there twice & failed to see its exceptionality..
      I like Imperial China on Stanley Road for dim sum. They never fail to impress me with their little pieces of dim sum heaven!

    • Cheong Fan

      Spot on about the Imperial China. Better than almost all Chinatown dim sum joints.

  3. Dahlylamy

    Fat Boys is our favourite Thai place to eat in all of Twickenham. I would give it the number one place among all the other mentioned restaurants, which I have tried over the past 4 years I’ve been living in Twickenham. The food is fresh, authentic tasting and quite delicious. It is on the pricey side but compared to all the others, it’s worth it!

  4. Georgia

    I must thank damienp1 for your comments on Makan Makan. Thought we’d try somewhere new last weekend and thought it was fab and have just eaten from there for the second weekend in a row! New favourite Chinese ever! Really great food – fresh tasting, not greasy or ‘thick and globby’…. yummy!!!

    • You’re welcome Georgia – glad to have converted someone else to the Makan Makan gang!

      I said it was Chinese/Thai, but I see on the menu it says Chinese/Malay.

      Either way, it’s fresh and tasty. As you say – the total opposite of the gloopy stuff you get in so many places.

  5. Paul B.

    Sopa does it for me. Phil fronts the restaurant and does the occassional magic trick – goes down well with the kids – and the adults! Sopa is in charge of the kitchen. Great tasting, freshly prepared food and the byo drinks makes it a very affordable evening out. Always busy at weekends, but try mid-week when there’s less pressure getting a table.

  6. Gwyn

    I must say, I’m really suprised to see nothing positive (so far) said about Ozon. I’ve been going there as often as I can over the nine years we’ve lived in Twickenham and have never been disappointed. Excellent place, so far as I’m concerned.

  7. Lived in Hong Kong, and new in Twickenham – so this is right up my street in all ways.

    Will definitely try Imperial China as we love proper dim sum. Chinese food in London generally seems to be getting better – would love a Sichuan or Hunanese place to open in this neck of the woods.

    We went to Thai Pin in St Margarets a bit ago – very nice food, very slow service (though it was a Friday night and they were rammed). Be warned, they don’t hold back on the chilli – properly face-meltingly hot, exactly as it should be.

  8. SDG

    Another vote here for Sopa in Strawberry Hill. And I’ve just spent a month in Thailand so I should know!

  9. Recently tried Sopa in Strawberry Hill, which was a very good night out – not to mention that it’s also BYO at £1 corkage per person. Also a big fan of the Richmond Café on Richmond Hill for a cosy atmosphere and brilliant Jungle Curry. For chinese, used to enjoy Tasty Garden, but quality seems to have slipped, so Good Earth and Jun Ming now fit the bill very well.

  10. Horace Walpole

    I’m surprised that no-one’s mentioned Imperial China on Stanley Road. OK, it’s not strictly Twickenham, more Fulwell Bus Garage than anything else. It’s generally reckoned to be one of the best two dim-sum restaurants in London – far better than all those tourist traps in Chinatown. And cheap – our first visit cost us £22 for two and we ate well, though we only drank jasmine tea. It does seem to get more expensive as you explore some of the more exotic items on the menu.
    It’s no coincidence that it’s always full of chinese families at weekends. The evening menu (no dim-sum) is good, but not outstanding. The chinese waitresses are lovely as well.

  11. Nikki

    We really enjoyed our Chinese from Twickenham Chinese which is now Luluz, wish they would come back. We now get our Chinese from Oriental Chef on the corner of Chudleigh Road near the stadium, great food but no sit down restaurant; if they could expand we’d love to go!

  12. Copthall Resident

    Lived in China so this is a subject close to our hearts

    We walk past the Jung Ming to get to the Shanghai and always wonder why it is so full, obviously giving people what they want but that gloop isn’t Chinese as we know it.

    The Shanghai probably isn’t giving people what they want when it comes to the British version of Chinese but we really like their salt and pepper prawns / squid, garlic ribs, dim sum, especially the dumplings and the prawn bean curd roll, spicy aubergine hot pot, and when we order our guest always really like the food too. They will cook to your request too and indulge my love of beancurd with different freebies. Agreed their Singapore noodles aren’t great but then they are from Northern China not from Singapore. Great tea too, especially the Flowering Jewel.

    Did like the Singapore noodles from the Panda Garden but went off them when the wontons started being all wrapper and gloop and no prawn

    Thai Pin in St Margarets is our favourite Thai.

    We were really really excited when a Vietnamese was opening in Twickers and heartbroken when we had a oily spiceless herbless meal, a pale imitation of real Vietnamese tastes, we will still have to go over to Hackney for that, though one of the Hackney places has opened next to Clapham Junction, or the Pho at Westfields does good noodles and spring rolls.

    The Japanese in Richmond is good, if expensive.

    • I’ve worked my way through quite a bit of the Dim Sum menu at the Shanghai. I went there for lunch frequently for many months a year or two ago – nearly every weekday in fact – mainly because it was so close to the office I was working in (like a two minute walk max). Yep, I quite liked the Dim Sum – certainly better than the usual Sino-English (or Anglo-Chinese!) fare that they do, but I wasn’t “impressed” as such. I think I might have been spoiled though by treasured lunches uptown with Chinese friends. It was a long time ago, but I still remember those Chinatown lunches being some of the very, very best meals of my life – and also some of the cheapest strangely enough.

      I have also had some takeaways from the Shanghai that have been – well, not good at all.

      Not much feedback about the place online. The Google Reviews are quite mixed, but it’s the lowest scoring ‘Chinese’ place on the ‘Scores on the Doors’ website:

      Not even one star.

      In fairness, I gave the place a really good try over some time. To me, it was ‘OK’ at best, but very bad too often. Shame really.

    • Copthall Resident

      I wasn’t comparing it with what you get in town, when we really need a fix we go to China Tang (Cantonese), Yauatcha (Modern), Manchurian Legends (Northern), Dumpling Legends, or one of the Sichuans, My Old Place, Chilli Cool, Bar Shu, and please some one open a Hunan restaurant. But the point I was making was that if you order carefully you will get the best shot you are going to get around here at proper Chinese food. However definitely going to give Fullwell Garage’s shot at Dim Sum a try!!

  13. Bettybamalam

    Pho Saigon (York Street) is excellent. Very fresh and flavoursome and good value especially as it is a B.Y.O. for those who like a beer or wine with their meal.

  14. Rufus McDufus

    Go for a trip to Sopa – it’s the best by far, though not technically in Twickenham. The crowd are a bit different to Twickenham though but it’s nice to see how the other half lives & you do see the occasional well known actor.
    Panda Garden, despite looking a bit tatty these days, is good for takeaways.

    • Horace Walpole

      I agree with everything you say about Sopa. Phil and his Missus (Sopa) do a good job. It’s worth pointing out that it’s unlicensed, but Premier Wines across the level-crossing have various oriental ales and a goodish Gewurtztraminer, which goes well with Thai food.
      I don’t agree with your comments about the crowd – we are just a bit happier because we live in such a fabulous little village, even if Rob Brydon, Keeley Hawes and Jenny Agutter live around the corner.

    • Copthall Resident

      Well slumming it down here on the High Street we get Nick Frost who always looks really annoyed when you dare to inadvertantly recognise him, (even though you are actually wrestling with the question of where you know him from and would it be rude not to smile). I once walked past him whilst carrying a camera on my way to my daughter’s birthday party and he looked as though he was about to wrestle me to the ground. Relax man! I once saw Mick Jagger walking down Richmond High Street and didn’t turn to stare until he’d gone past, and thats a real celebrity!!

    • Horace Walpole

      I should have mentioned in my last post that Sopa has a range of distinctly non-Thai desserts, well, puddings really: Spotted Dick, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Treacle Tart, Syrup Sponge Pudding, Chocolate Sponge Pudding etc.. I know of no other place in Twickenham (and yes, Strawberry Hill is in Twickenham, despite the assertions here) where you can get such traditional fare. Not to everyone’s taste, to be sure, but I suspect a lot of us fantasise about these delicacies.

  15. TwickenMum

    Sopa in Strawberry Hill, just by the station is one of the best thai restaurants in the area. In fact, just ordered takeaway from them last night and it was delicious. It is always busy in the evenings.

  16. The Makan is next to the Mulberry, yes? If that’s the case then I have friends who say good things about it. I’ve eaten from there a few times over the last 10 years or so (under one or more of its other names), and found it so-so – and overpriced. I should maybe try it now.

    First place I remember is the old “International” – as far back as the 70s I think. That’s now the Jung Ming. I used to go to the old “Sam Pan” (sp?) in the 90s a heck of a lot. I loved it in there. My drinking circle used to eat there virtually every Friday night for a year or two.

    When the Ozon first opened – under the “patronage” of Ken Hom, it was pitched as something new and classy. True enough, for many years it seemed to occupy the top end, but blimey, the last few takeaways I’ve had from there have been very poor.

    I’ll be blunt; I think the current situation is pretty rubbish. I’ve had meals at (or from) nearly every single “Chinese” place in Twickenham over the last 6/7 years and at best every meal has been “passable” – nothing more. Occasionally I’ll pick something up that is truly rubbish – like inedible Won Ton soup from the Ozon (which seemed to include a tablespoon of pepper), really gruesome rice from the Shanghai (a place which seems capable of dishing out some spectacularly bad food) and similar disasters from the Jung Ming and other places.

    For me, there is one last resort; The Thai “Miss Siam” ( ). After a few years of experimentation I’ve found that two boxes of Pad Nam Muam and something like a Pad Kaprow Krob for the main works pretty well. It’s a crazy place to visit, if only because NO ONE EVER GOES IN THERE. The staff always seem friendly (you’re likely to be the only person the’ve seen that day) and also saying “Pad Nam Muam” after an evening at the Oak can be a fun challenge.

    Seriously, I’ve found that most often the fare at Miss Siam is fresh and sypathetically cooked. That simple achievement seems well beyond the capability of nearly every other place.

    Curry anyone?

  17. George

    Jun Ming: Your ‘classic’ Chinese restaurant. Usually pretty good but nothing too amazing. 6/10.
    O’Zon: Never eaten in but have had a few takeaways from there. Started off well but then got a bit average and the menu seemed a bit confused. Not used it for a while. 5/10.
    Panda Garden: For a high street take away it’s probably above average thought still a bit ‘gloopy’. The open kitchen adds a touch of ‘reassurance’ to the proceedings. It’s cheaper than Jun Ming and the food is not that different. 5.5/10.

    Of the Thai places, I thought the food in The Albert was good especially as you can accompany it with a couple of pints of London Pride. I have been to Lakksa Thai a couple of times. Prerry reasonable food (perhaps slightly overpriced) but the place lacked a bit of atmosphere. Miss Siam and Thai Pin were both were good when I went several years ago.

    Yet to use the Good Earth in Richmond for takeaways but have heard it recommended.

  18. damienp1

    Makan Makan is an exellent Chinese/Thai takeaway.

    It looks a bit unprepossessing from the outside, but the food is well prepared and always fresh with quality ingredients. The relatively limited menu encourages this and discourages lazy reheating, which is the problem with many places I think.

    The new Vietnamese place Saigion Pho is also very good.

    Again, freshly prepared food with good ingredients.

  19. Caroline

    I had a delicious takeaway from Panda Garden recently. Very fresh and not too sickly like much Chinese food. Looking forward to seeing other people’s reviews on Thai etc.

  20. Absolutely love Fat Boys in E Twickenham near the bridge. Lovely atmosphere and great food!