Expo is Go!

Richmond Business Expo takes place on Thursday 19th April at Twickenham Stadium. It’s the biggest local business event in this here part of that ol’ London town. What’s all that then? Well, it’s all about getting local businesses together to network, share ideas, inspiration and creativity. Sounds like not a bad idea “in these difficult times” especially as local firms come under ever increasing pressure from the big boys. There’ll be over 80 stands showcasing local talent (but no twickerati stand you’ll be devastated to learn) plus seminars, speakers and the like. Even Joe Public is allowed in too to have a gander and meet potential suppliers.

So, if you’re a local business person who enjoys (or endures) the occasional browse of this site, will you exhibiting or visiting the Expo? What are you looking forward to and/or what did you think of it? In a nutshell, do share.

Richmond Expo


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3 responses to “Expo is Go!

  1. It was buzzing more than last year when there were two empty rows and fewer punters. But, there were no restaurants taking stalls so less free food, a minor perk of the Expo. Special mention for Twick stadium and their amazing profiteroles.

  2. twickerman

    Solum went last year and it worked for them – they got an order from the Council, but it cost them well over £1m in ‘financial contributions’.

    I imagine the Council will be there tomorrow with their begging bowl for contributions towards the station platform and footbridge improvements that are outside the scope of Solum’s station regeneration scheme!

  3. What they are looking for is what every small business looks for all the time – new orders.