In the spirit of public service publishing we bring you selected other news shamelessly culled from the Richmond & Twickenham Times.

The battle to keep Twickenham Film Studios as part of the film industry rather than as a site for posh flats is continuing. Assorted big name stars such as Steven Spielberg and Paul McCartney as well as various normal people have shown their support for the campaign. One plan being put forward is to keep the studios, create a “media village” on part of the site but also develop some of it for homes and a health centre. This plan has been put forward by Peter Joly, a guy who knows a thing or two about the film industry – he’s got a BAFTA. May we suggest the screenplay for the new studio’s first production: a heart-warming, and very British, David and Goliath tale of how a piece of movie heritage was saved from the grip of evil developers by a plucky group of committed film enthusiasts and feisty locals. BAFTAstic stuff!

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The link school arrangements whereby certain local primary schools are able to get their pupils prioritised when it comes to admissions to several Borough secondaries (locally Orleans Park and Teddington) is to be ended for September 2013 admissions. This comes after a Council ‘consultation’ on the issue. In future school, distance from the school will be replace the link when determining admissions. It was always a strange system that favoured some schools over others (for example Trafalgar’s link to the not particularly nearby Teddington). The move will please some parents and annoy others. It will certainly help El Brute direct more pupils at the western end of the town to Twickenham Academy. Funny that. It’s also a bit strange that the move was not wrapped up into a wider discussion about secondary school admissions and the Council’s wish to see Orleans Park and Teddington adopt academy status from 2014. If the academy thing happens and sixth forms get going then school choices for 2013 admissions will be something of a “one year wonder” before it’s all change again.

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And finally, some local would-be wag has set up a Twitter account claiming to be Lord True, leader of Richmond Council. The “internet prankster” (copyright R&TT) has been posting tweets purporting to be from the Duke of York (House). A quick look at the account suggests that it’s not actually the man himself. We can’t seriously imagine him using Twitter to speculate on what to wear or suggesting that East Sheen should have a fight with Charlie Sheen. Yes, the reverse could well happen but not that. The Richmond & Twickenham Times article includes a denial from Lord True and quotes him as recommending that people follow the official LBRuT twitter account if they really want to know what’s going on. Wise words indeed. But if it’s unwise words you want, then you can always check out the bogus “Lord True” online.

* R&TT Twitter joker
* “Lord True” on twitter