In other news with a 100% Twickenham flava to it:

Twickenham MP St Vincent de Cable (or The Great Gaffesby, depending on your point of view) is making headlines again. This time it’s not about the novel approach to filing constituency correspondence at his Lion Road office or about getting caught out by “reporters” from the Daily Telegraph but about his coalition role as Business Secretary. Check this. “Our” Vince wrote to Dave in February, right, saying that although he thought Dave and his close mates were doing some good things, they needed to do more, right? And here’s the thing, right, they need to do more of the things Vince wants, right? Break up RBS, show more leadership and vision, focus on productive sectors like technology, digital, advanced manufacturing, ‘n’ shit. The result? Someone leaked the letter to the press and everyone analysed it looking for rifts, differences and signs of the beginning of the end. And guess what? Vince is more of an interventionist and a lefty than most Tories and they don’t all see eye to eye in the creak-o-lition. Who knew? But Vince, why the letter? Why not just say all of this to Dave, George and chums over high tea, during a lull in the throwing of the bread rolls. What do you mean you weren’t invited? Oh dear.

And if that wasn’t enough, he’s now suggesting the banks could be imperilling the UK’s economic recovery by not lending to small and medium sized businesses. He’s really on one at the moment, isn’t he.

* Vince on Breaking up RBS etc
* Vince on Imperilling recovery

Meanwhile, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, the man whose star rose briefly after Cable’s Murdoch gaffe 15 months ago when he picked up the review of Murdoch’s BskyB bid, has piped up in non-support of Twickenham Film Studios. The studios are in the hands of the administrators and look set to close. The obvious fate for the site is for it to be sold off for property development, “Film Studio Mews” or some such thing. Lots of folk want the studios to stay open and to keep Twickenham’s 99 year link to the film industry. There’s even a petition doing the rounds. But DCMS Supremo Hunt has said it’s not for him to intervene in the affairs of a private company. Not a surprising result perhaps but a disappointment and a setback to those hoping to find a way to keep the studios as studios and not just a piece of history.

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