A cool but sunny April morning in Twickenham looking across towards Richmond Hill.

Thames sunrise

More pics of the week….

On Tuesday 20th March London Road was clogged not with cars but with fire engines, emergency response vehicles and police. The road was closed for a couple of hours causing serious tailbacks as traffic was diverted. The incident, at Twickenham Police Station itself no less, was apparently caused by batteries overheating in the basement leading to risks of a chemical spill. So, all in all a bit of a damp squib. Perhaps there are some conspiracy theorists out there who might suspect this could have been some kind of pre-Olympic emergency response drill. Shame on them. We’re sticking with the official line.

Road Closed. Incident at police station.

After a wet weekend in Twickenham in early March, a brief glimpse of the sun before it set on Sunday. It didn’t last long.

Sunset after a rainy Twickenham Sunday