Twickenham Film Studios to Close

Twickenham Film Studios

Twickenham’s 99 year connection with the film industry is set to end as Twickenham Film Studios close. The studios, which are actually in St Margarets rather than Twickenham but hey, why let that spoil the story, have been placed into the hands of the administrators who’ve said there’s no hope of it continuing as a viable business in the film industry. The sale of the site for property development is expected and so perhaps we’ll see some highly exclusive “Twickenham Studios Apartments” in the not too distant future. Over the years the studios have been used for everything from early silent movies, through to Beatles films and more recently Little Voice, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows and War Horse. Twickenham Studios will be fondly remembered by many, but now their place will be in local and cinema history rather than as a going concern. A shame.

There is now a petition to try to help save the studios:

* Link to Telegraph Article
* Twickenham Film Studios


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9 responses to “Twickenham Film Studios to Close

  1. NO NO NO..Twickenham Film Studios must not flipping way…i have a fonf regard for that place , apart from the sterling work produced there..i used to catch the bus from outside there…yes to petition,,get everyone to sign,,and thrrrrp to hunt who is a c….for not wanting to save this great place, but that tories for you, he’s probably got shares in property dealers…utter toad..him great mates with murdoch too.soulless sods in govt all of them..grrrrr

  2. There is now a petition to try to save Twickenham Film Studios.

    The petition says:
    “We have no time to waste! Twickenham Film studios has gone into administration and word has it that property developers are moving in. Please sign our petition to help stop the developers in their tracks!! We don’t need more executive homes! Twickenham has been at the forefront of the British film industry for 99 years – let’s help it make to 100 and beyond. Spread the word…. Re-tweet and post on your Facebook. We need to get this out to as many people as possible. Films like The Iron Lady, War Horse, Ghandi, Italian Job, Shirley Valentine, Help, Hard Day’s Night, An American Werewolf in London and many many more have been made here. It’s a National Treasure!!”

    • Simon H

      Worth a try, if it alerts potential buyers to the studios.
      But it’s Greggs and it’s bleddy lorries that the public (ie us) really need to do something about.

    • Simon H

      Poor use of apostrophe by me there. Apologies to all, including my family.

  3. George

    No idea how the finances work at places like that or who the ultimate owners are but that site has got to be worth a serious amount of money for property development. Presumably some shareholders somewhere will be happy with this.

  4. Is the post production side going to be lost? I thought they were one of the world leaders in that technology.

    I always feel a little quite a bit of local pride seeing Twickenham Studios in the credits.

    • i dont live there my friend but ive got friends there and spent a lot of time near there, you should be proud of that place, i know i would..

  5. High profile movie work and they still can’t make a go of it? I despair…