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If, as they say, brevity is the soul of wit then this High Street Update is for you. It’s certainly brief, so let’s just hope you bloody love it. But first a question, if sarcasm is the lowest form of wit (and whoever said that must be really, really pleased with their absolutely massive contribution to the world) then what’s the highest form? What is the highest form of wit? We’ll tell you. It’s repetition. No doubt about it. It’s repetition. No doubt about it.

Church Street has gone all flag-tastic in the run up to Valentine’s Day. There are offers going on in the shops and money being raised for charity. Don’t let the cold weather put you off, after all, you know that desperately rushing around to find a gift on the afternoon of February 13th is the mark of true love. Try not to leave it so late this year, get yourself down there at the week end.

Jojoloo, Twickenham

So then, let’s get to the rest of it. Lots of things are almost ready to heighten your High Street experience. Jojoloo Coffee Shop and ‘mini super’ is almost open on Heath Road. There’s activity going on inside but then again there’s been activity going on behind those whited out windows for a wee while. (Yes, you get the alliteration free here). Round the corner, in case you’re running low on coffee or tea between say, Caffe Nero or Bellissimo and, say, Cafe Taste or Puccino’s at the station then Lulu’z tea room, cafe and patisserie could be for you. It’s set to occupy what was once the Twickenham Chinese Restaurant on London Road. You’re probably familiar with the location from being in the police station. Good luck to them. And there are still signs of work going on next door to Lulu’z in the ex-Forever hairdresser which, one avid reader told us, may well be set to become…. a hairdresser. Hooray. Or should that be “hair-ray”? (Update: It’s called Hair Institute)

The Cabbage Patch

The Cabbage Patch will re-open on 10th February after its refurb and paint job. It was probably overdue for a spot of tarting up given that quite a number of the competition have had recent makeovers (The Fox, The Three Kings, The Sussex and, a little longer ago, The Royal Oak). The completion of the work fits in nicely with the upcoming rugby internationals as, perhaps unsurprisingly, the new look has a rugby theme to it.

And that’s about it. Both Casa Mia, which only opened a few months ago, and Chanterelle on Whitton Road are still looking pretty much shut (unless someone has evidence to the contrary) but Da Vinci on Heath Road continues make a go of it. Reviews for Da Vinci have generally been favourable even if pizza purists are horrified by the concept of pineapple on a pizza. Eh? You mean the Hawaiian pizza idea is not authentically Italian? Come on! You’ll be saying chicken tikka massala isn’t even Indian next.

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3 responses to “High Street Update

  1. Copthall resident

    Since we used to live in China and really miss good Chinese food please can we beg the Twickerati to patronise the Shanghai Village restaurant. Good Dim Sum, really good salt and pepper squid, Aubergine hotpot etc etc. They probably do the treacley orange brit pleasing gloop you get elsewhere as well! We couldn’t believe that other Chinese restaurants were heaving last night, even The Standard was full, but the Shanghai still had tables…by far the best Chinese restaurant for miles. And upstairs a huge Chinese family party so you know it must be good.

  2. Boss

    Chanterelle is opening its doors on Friday. Just for the night, though.

    The Cabbage Patch refurb seems to be going for a 60s Eel Pie Island legacy look, at least on one side of the bar. Lots of The Who posters and stuff. But are they refurbing the upstairs, which is a lousy place to watch bands because of the odd way the stage is placed?

  3. Ok Da Vinci…I have walked passed it many times and after returning to an empty house after a business trip decided to take the no risk of ruining a Friday eve and dining there on a Monday with the current wife.

    First impressions, well it was empty bar one and the waitress was a little pre occupied but gently got into her stride once she put her iphone down.

    With the stone oven staring us in the face it had to be a pizza and nothing with pineapple, in fact I did not see any pineapple? Something meaty and cheesy was ordered and a bottle (well two) of house white.

    They arrived, they were big, they tasted great and we ate the lot. the bill came and it seemed far too cheap, in fact it was, it was the wrong bill…still the right one came and it was not a lot more.

    So overall comments, pizza, very good one of the best I have had in Twick, the house white very drinkable for a Monday and the bill very acceptable.

    Only complaint, the waitress needs to concentrate a little harder although to be fair she did a good job and if anything the pizzas were too neat! I want a little mess, rough edges and randomly placed meat…It looked like it had come out of a packet which of course it did not as it was preprepared in front of us.

    So thumbs up from me…(and the wife) we will be back!