How well do you know Twickenham?


Snapped by our roving photographer, can you name where this photo was taken? There’s no prize now, just your chance to feel a little bit smug and a little bit sad for knowing your white walls. But we might even run a little competition along these lines with some actual prizes (only if we can get some free stuff to give away and can be bothered to do it, of course). In other words, it’s unlikely.


by | January 31, 2012 · 1:19 pm

15 responses to “How well do you know Twickenham?

  1. David B

    Is it a banksy?

  2. Another shot: Side of Cousins, the greengrocer.

  3. Thought it was the lamentably poor finish on the Travelodge, but then I saw ye olde lampe…

  4. leelcampbell

    Wharf Lane next to Iceland and I’ve often wondered if there was a massacre or how the holes got there??

    • Simon H

      The holes have been there for years, too. Perhaps Iceland’s store room is an important nesting site for swallows. Swallows do, of course, love frozen pavlova, so it all adds up.

  5. Side of Iceland. Always reminded me of old houses I saw in France pockmarked with real bullet holes.

  6. Why not feature the town’s REAL horror story – the front of the Travelodge lit from below? Now that’s scary!

  7. Correct. That was wayyy too easy for the Sunshine Cafe brigade.

  8. Anonymous

    Wharf Lane, opposite Laverstoke Park, on the way to the playground.

  9. TwickenMum

    Wall opposite Laverstokes on the road that leads down to the river – Wharf Lane – guess the wall belongs to Icelands.

  10. No. And no. It looks as if it could be, but it’s not.

  11. Anonymous

    It’s the side of the White Swan!

  12. riddettski

    white swan pub!