Twickenham Town Centre
El Brute’s TWickenham Area Action Plan (aka TWAP, aaka TAAP) is doing the rounds of consultation at the moment. You might think that you’ve already done your bit for the cause by contributing to LBRuT’s All-in-One, its Barefoot Consultation and the Naked Thinkathon. Okay, so that last one was not an actual event but it could yet be. We’ll let you decide what that nightmare scenario might actually involve and which Councillors might chair it. Meanwhile, if you want to see the real proposals for the next steps in the regeneration of Twickenham then you’ve got just a couple of weeks left to have any input. Try not to let consultation fatigue get the better of you. It’s your town too!

You can see the pre-publication document online (it clocks in at nearly 100 pages!) or, if you’re super keen and want to get a close up view of plan (please note how we resisted the temptation to use the word TWAP again there) then you can do it this very weekend at the Civic Centre. There will even be council types and consultants on hand to answer your questions. Now, you may well shudder on hearing the word consultant but then again you may also shudder at the idea of the a Council going it alone on a 15 year plan without some outside help. It’s a tough call.

If you need a reminder of what it’s all about, well, in headline terms we’re talking about a strategy for the development of the town through to 2027 which focuses on land use of key sites such as the King Street shopping area, Twickenham Riverside and the “northern gateway”. It’s not just about the types of development the Council – and, hopefully, we – would like to see, it also looks at options for dealing with transport and parking in the town. After all, if we want more shoppers and workers then they’ve got to get around somehow. Boris Bikes for all?? Could be. Or how about a legacy from our very own Dear Leader… True Trikes? There are plenty of good ideas in the plan but as we all know, planning is one thing, making it happen is something else. We’ve covered this issue before on twickerati but obviously there’s a load more on the Richmond Council website including links to the grand document itself. Hey, wait a minute, those consultants aren’t being paid by the word are they?? Surely not! Joke. It was a bloody joke alright!

So, you can see the pre-publication TWAP and ask lots of questions at the Civic Centre, York Street, Twickenham on:
* Friday 27th Jan. 6pm to 8pm
* Saturday 28th Jan. 10am to 2pm

In addition to these sessions and the online info you can see more TWAPPY stuff at the Civic Centre or at Twickenham library. This “pre-publication consultation” ends on 10th February.

* LBRuT Pre-publication Consultation (ends 10 Feb)
* The Document Itself!!