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The new Twickenham Travelodge is open for business and now armed with a 24-hour-party-people booze licence. And it’s great to see that it’s a handy stopping point for cyclists who can make use of its state of the art bike park facilities. Perhaps Travelodge might want to use this “warm welcome” photo in their publicity shots? In return for a modest fee of course. Lookin’ gooood.

Travelodge offers a warm welcome to cyclists

Want something a little more Twickenhammy? Well, we kicked off 2012 with a New Pix of the Week thread which featured this special treat… two pictures on one day. Get In! But they do sort of work well together. A January morning on the Thames by Eel Pie Island in Twickenham.

Life belt by Eel Pie Island, Twickenham

Morning rowers, Eel Pie Island

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  1. Cedric Smith

    The ‘bike facility’ at the station will indeed be useful for Travelodge visitors as I dare say many will have had 2 or 3 pints at the Cabbage Patch and will need to cycle home after a rugby match rather than risk jumping in the motor. On a separate note has Twickerati noticed how similar Sky dry cleaners logo is in the town to the famous satellite television company of the same name! Interesting…..

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