Booze Bust Ban

It’s bad news for NKB Food Store. The Heath Road convenience store has had its booze licence revoked for selling alcohol to an underage kid as part of a police check. It’s a good shop which has tried to introduce new products and ideas to keep trade going despite stiff local competition. Selling alcohol to minors was perhaps not the best route to boosting sales, especially given that nearby AM2PM got busted for the same thing not long ago. And, let’s be honest, that shop was rubbish to start with. The owner can appeal the decision but if the ban stands then it’s going to be tough trading for NKB without a licence. Meanwhile a certain national chain located just a few steps away, is probably quietly thinking to itself, “Every little helps”.


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9 responses to “Booze Bust Ban

  1. Rufus McDufus

    The ‘Every Little Helps’ store had probably better monitor its self-service tills a little more closely if it doesn’t want to get busted too.

  2. Boss

    When was this reported in the Rick and Twick? I’ve not been able to find it. Online or paper?


    Don’t understand why they do this. There are multiple shops in Twickenham, even pubs and bars, that will serve minors, and they’re all known about. If you rely on income from selling booze, especially if you’re a pub, why put your livelyhood at risk?

  4. 14 according to the RTT. Might well have looked 18 but still. Other incidents were alleged but denied by owner.

  5. Simon H

    That’s a terrible shame. I’ve got a lot of time for NKB. How old was this bloody child?

    • Anonymous

      This bloody kid was my 13 year old daughter who nearly died, he was caught smoking cannabis as well when the actual police test took place

    • Walkinthepark

      I am sorry that your daughter clearly had a terrible experience but as parents do you not think we have a responsibility to know where our children are and what they are doing, and set firm boundaries? Around 14 it is very tough and a lot of the ones that think they are cool do get up to allsorts of shenanigans to get hold of booze and binge drink without any idea of the consequences. I chased my daughter down to a local rec one evening when she defied the no drinking in the park rule, grounded her, withdrew privileges and worst of all embarrassed her. But there were literally hundreds out in all the parks that summers night, and they keep the police and ambulances busy coping with the consequences. I have no idea why parents think that is OK. I am not a member of the temperance movement by any means but at 13/14 they are clearly too young and very vulnerable.

      It never occurred to me to blame the poor convenience store owners though, especially when bubbles was owned by that old couple who didn’t seem to know what day it was let alone distinguish the age of the customer (apparently overnight after a police warning they went from selling to every teenager oblivious to getting out a spade and chasing them out of the shop). Even if they refuse to serve underage drinkers the teenagers just bribe someone older to buy it for them. I don’t think the problem lies with them. I am not the one who gave a thumbs down by the way.