New page added. Just for you.

This page is a bit of an experiment. OK, as an experiment it falls some way short of the Large Hadron Collider but we reckon it’s worth a punt. Wait for it… we’ve only bloody gone and added a new page to the site. No, not a new news item, w’re talking about a brand new static page. It’s called Your News and, guess what, it’s specially for you…

Got something to say or a bit of news that doesn’t quite fit on any of the items or pages on the site? Well, stick it on here then. If you’re lucky then we’ll tweet the link to the comment and see if the great mass of the twickerati can help you out. Who knows, it might even work. Simply add your thing as a reply on the page and click “post comment”. That’s it.

The “Your News” page is here. And it’s also on the top menu bar. Good luck.

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