As another year draws to a close, some newspapers and websites write poncey editorials on what a year it’s been, blather on about the future and end up wishing their readers all the very best for Christmas and the New Year. Boring! We actively strive to avoid cliches here at twickerati. Totally naff is what they are. On the other hand it has been an interesting year here in Twickenham what with big bust ups over the station and schools, fetes and festivals galore in the summer (generally on the rainy days), Twikileaks from Castle Cable and the RFU, and plenty businesses coming and going on the High Street.

We’ll definitely not be doing the whole ‘looking to the future’ thing other than to confirm that, as Sir Nodward of Holder once observed, it’s only just begun. But if we were to look forward we’d be wondering about whether the Twickenham Area Action Plan (aka The TWAP) can deliver real change to the town, whether El Brute can offer us any more consultations on anything at all, ever, and we might also wonder how many more cafes we can absorb in Twickenham before we all suffer from a healthy dose of caffeine poisoning.

And as to wishing readers a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2012, forget it! OK, perhaps a quick one then. Thanks to all the people who have visited this site over the last year to find out about what’s going on in Twickenham, to comment, to contribute, to argue, to get informed and occasionally, we hope, to be entertained. A bit.

Community interaction is what makes this site work so please keep coming back in 2012 and, if you’re feeling especially festive, why not tell your friends about it. Don’t be shy, they’re all part of the great twickerati too.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year

Damn, how did that slip out?!