The Piano Lounge, the Twickenham bar that gets both its punters and those who oppose it, hot under the collar has applied for a licence as a “sex entertainment venue”. A flyer distributed to local homes and the twickerati HQ states that owner has applied for a licence along with two new applicants (who may be buying into or taking over the club). You may recall that the current owner’s existing licence was suspended earlier in the year after breaches to the conditions. A new licence as a “sex entertainment venue” has been applied for and will now be considered by El Brute’s licensing committee. If you have an opinion on this and want to comment, then you’ll need to email or write to the committee by Wednesday 21st December.

There can’t be many people who want such an establishment near their home but these types of venues are always going to exist, whether it’s legally or otherwise. Is it just nimbyism to object to any kind of licence being granted? Or are there genuinely better locations in the Borough for this kind of thing? Somewhere in the centre of Richmond perhaps? Or maybe an out of town location with a large car park? Either way, it doesn’t seem to be the kind of place you’d expect to see on Twickenham’s Cross Deep. “Poles apart” you might say.

To comment to the committee:
Or write to: The Head of Licensing
2nd floor, Civic Centre
44 York St, Twickenham, TW1 3BZ
by Wednesday 21 December.