Greetings! Christmas is fast approaching you’re probably thinking about those gifts you still need to buy, what food to stock up on, which parties to attend, which ones to avoid and generally pondering on how to cope. You need some need top tips, right? Right!

Perhaps you’re also looking back on the year and thinking of all those New Year’s resolutions from last January that have crumbled to dust in your trembling hands. OK, so forget that for a minute and let’s think positive, festive thoughts and mull over the good stuff.

So whether you’re a retailer, a punter, a blogger, a worker, a vocal local or like us here at twickerati just downright normal, we want to hear the five things, just five things, that we need to know to complete our year. You’ve got the gist of it. We need your Twickenham Festive 5 and this item gives you the chance to big up yours.

Take a look at the replies at the end of the piece to see what’s been added so far.

So if you run a shop, what are your top 5 festive specials? If you run a pub, what are you top 5 Christmas drinks? If you’re a shopper, name 5 good ones? Top 5 festive boozers? Simples. Your 5 fitness tips or cooking ideas? Just tell us! And if you’re sticking around for the next couple of weeks, what are your top tips for a successful Twickenham Christmas?

To kick off here are the Top 5 gifts to look out for in Twickenham’s most local of local gift shops, Par-ici on Church Street. Big thanks for Michele for these:

1. Diary of a Soul Fiend by Saint Jude – the debut CD from a local band already endorsed by the likes of Ronnie Wood and Classic Rock magazine. £10
2. Eel Pie Island – the definitive history of this infamous isle. Signed copies available at Par-ici. £16.99
3. Our Plot – a gorgeous book about the Bushy Park allotments by Chelsea Flower Show winner Cleve West £20
4. Fur Cuffs by Marion Busby – add instant glamour to your outfit with a range of furry cuffs in plain or animal prints. £24
5. Twickers tea-towel – fantastic cartoon of everything that’s great & famous about Twickenham on a handy tea towel! £8

And if you think we’re being coy about this site, we’re not. Here are 5 twickerati highlights from the year:
1. Just keeping going and now getting several hundred page views per day. Thanks.
2. Meeting fellow bloggers & hyperlocals from the area. Who on earth writes these things for no money? Well they do, obviously. Twickerati pays its staff very well, thanks.
3. Getting some excellent contributions from readers both in the comments section and for stand alone articles. It’s your turn next!
4. Topping 1,000 followers on Twitter. The original target was a measly 100.
5. Hearing a rumour that twickerati is produced by someone at Richmond Council. Big LOL on that. Isn’t the van logo a bit of a clue?

C’mon, what’s rocking your yuletide? Or why not go wild and tell us what has rocked your whole flippin year! Everyone loves a list (especially a short one) so why not share yours? It is Christmas after all.

[p.s. no need to provide an email address when making a comment, but if you don’t then the comment will be held for moderating first. Why not add the URL to your own site, if its any good.]