Low Tide in Twickenham


A whole lot of December going on in the late afternoon on the embankment at Twickenham.


by | December 3, 2011 · 5:42 pm

5 responses to “Low Tide in Twickenham

  1. Gareth Roberts

    If I may make a suggestion (and I’d be surprised if this hadn’t been considered) these photos would be a fantastic basis for a Twickenham calendar. Any Twickenham group would claw the photographer’s arm off

    • Thanks very much. Your comments have been passed on to the photography department. Unfortunately most are taken with a mobile phone so the quality is not great for print, but the idea of a Twickenham calendar is a good one. (Need to check there’s not already a stash of other Twickenham calendars in Langtons & Par Ici first)

    • Yvonne Hewett

      Twickenham Museum has done a nice calendar with a mix of pictures of the area from various periods.

  2. leelcampbell

    Beautiful photo!
    Would make a lovely painting.