The diving board
The redevelopment of the Twickenham pool site continues to move forward, increment by increment. Yes folks, we might get to see the rest of the derelict site open to public access by next summer. Could this be the secret garden part deux? Let’s hope so. It all forms part of El Brute’s TWAP, or as we should call it (but won’t), Richmond Council’s Twickenham Area Action Plan. So then, the TWAP? Where we at with that? As you know the whole thing has come about from the various All-in-Ones and consultations run by El Brute, together with a bit of input from the mysterious Twickenham Panel. We’ve covered the plan before and so we’re not going over it again, but the gist of it is that Twickenham can become an even better place to live and work with a healthy dose of regeneration around the riverside, the station area and King Street. What’s not to like? It’s bloody true, it is. Whether this can actually all come together given the fragile state of the economy is a different matter entirely but it’s good to have a long term vision for the town.

So what’s happening now then? Well, the next iteration of the TWAP will be available for public scrutiny sometime in December. We look forward to seeing it. Perhaps El Brute could do a little TWAP advent calendar featuring a site in need of redevelopment behind each window. We can but dream. But there’s no need to dream about the pool because there is action underway to open up the rest of the site in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June 2012. Or as we’d prefer to think, in time for the London Olympics. At this stage it will just be more open space a la “secret garden” but there will be a second phase which looks at the longer term use. It’s good news that progress is being made on this site at last, perhaps we could even try to get HRH down to cut the ribbon when the time comes next summer. It’s got to be worth a shot.

Richmond Council Press Release

P.S. In case you missed it in the summer, you can read Kate Monro’s piece for twickerati on her memories of Twickenham baths right here. It’s definitely worth a read coz she’s like a proper writer an’ everything.