Twickenham Station Plan B

We recently trailed the meeting about a Plan B for Twickenham station on here. There was a good turn out from the local community. The proposed alternatives were put to the audience and Scott “Hard As” Naylor took the opportunity to stick the boot into Solum’s current offering. Solum and Network Rail failed to show despite being invited and this gave a touch of preaching to the converted about the occasion. But fair play and respect to TRAG, rather than just complaining about the Solum’s plans, they’ve actually worked up alternative options.

Two schemes were presented, B1 and, wait for it… B2. As you’d expect from TRAG they’re both very low rise and focus on the station itself rather than maximising the property development opportunities on the site a la Solum. But as first cuts, they’re interesting and worth a look and in particular, B2 has an interesting blend of modern and 1930s about it. As to economic viability, B2 does include an option for flats to help fund the scheme, but detailed costings remain something for further investigation. Hang on a minute! Perhaps the RFU would like to contribute? And after England’s mediocre performance in the recent Rugby World Cup, a move away from sport and into propery development might be an option well worth considering?

You can see the plans here:
Plan B1
Plan B2

And there’s even video footage:
YouTube video of Plan B2
And while you’re on YouTube, you can see the other TRAG videos from the meeting showing the presentations in more detail. Meanwhile. Solum’s current case rumbles through planning.

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5 responses to “Twickenham Station Plan B

  1. Officer’s recommendation: PERMISSION, subject to the completion of a Section 106 Agreement and no adverse direction from the GLA.
    • Officers’ Report:

  2. THE Twickenham station scheme 11/1443/FUL will be the main business at the Planning Committee meeting on Monday, 19 December starting at 7 pm; the papers will be published at: 5 clear working days before the meeting. It will be in the Clarendon Hall with an overflow in the council chamber; the meeting will be webcast:

  3. Edwina

    ‘Save our skyline’…
    Twickenham station so badly needs a 21st century redevelopment. Modern then or pastiche terraces? Low when there’s already high adjacent buildings?
    There should have been more opposition to the Travelodge if the wonderful (?) skyline is at risk. This is cardboard architecture at it’s worst.

    • twickerman

      There was local opposition to Travelodge and as a result the planning committee refused the application.
      Unfortunately, the planning inspector from Bristol thought it filled a gap and approved it. If we extrapolated his logic developers would go on to build high-rise blocks on any available land such as on Moor Mead and Marble Hill parks, Twickenham Green, Eel Pie Island etc etc.

  4. Gawain

    “detailed costings remain something for further investigation”

    What a lovely euphemism for “we’ve no idea how this can be paid for”. People, no-one is going to fund an improvement to the station for free. Not. Going. To. Happen. It’s development or no improvements. Debate that one as long as you like, but, please, stop misleading everyone with the Santa Claus Plan.