Here at twickerati, we don’t pretend to compete with the local or national press. It just wouldn’t be fair. On them. But we thought you might want to find links to some important Twickenham stories on those ‘other’ sites right here on your favourite hyperlocal blog. It’s all part of the service.

River Crane Sewage Spill

Crane Park Shot Tower
Thames Water has said that a jammed valve in a sewer serving Heathrow Airport has led to sewage being released into the River Crane. During the incident, Thames Water were able to remove some of the sewage by tankers but faced with the possibility of having sewage backing up into Heathrow airport the decision was made to release some of it into the Crane. Seven miles of river has been affected and an estimated 3,000 fish killed, no doubt with other wildlife to follow. This is terrible news for the local area, especially after the work that has been put into the Crane over recent years. The Environment Agency is conducting an investigation into the incident.

* BBC News Story
* Thames Water’s statement
Their statement acknowledges and regrets damage to wildlife but it is rather bland. And it seems just as concerned about a temporary increase in “odour” around the Mogden Lane treatment works. (We couldn’t see anything on this spill in the News Releases section of their site earlier today… but there was a new item about singing in the shower. So that’s all OK then.)

News Release from Thames Water on this issue. Chief Exec Martin Baggs says they will be working to put right the environmental damage caused by the spill.

And the comments to this story now include a link to photos and the statement issued by FORCE (Friend of the River Crane).

In other, other news:
Radnor Gardens War Memorial Thieves
Thieves have stolen a plaque from the war memorial in Radnor Gardens in Twickenham. With metal prices high, all sorts of objects are becoming vulnerable to thieves or, as the Richmond and Twickenham Times refers to them on its front page, “scum”. Can’t argue with that. Any information on the theft would be welcomed by the police.


LBRuT: Plea for its return.