The great secondary school debate has taken another twist. In fact, if a local authority wore knickers we’d definitely think they were getting them in a twist. It’s a nightmarish thought to think of York House smothered by a giant pair of bloomers. Or Council Leader Lord True dressed in a pair of….. OK, that’s enough of the fantasising!

As you’ll know from this very site, or elsewhere, the Council was to have debated the petition in favour of a voluntary aided Roman Catholic faith school on 1st November. Perhaps you were even going to turn up at York House to show your support for it or show your preference for Richmond’s next school to be an inclusive school? Don’t bother. LBRuT has now bumped the battle of the banners by moving the petition debate to a later date. El Brute has said this was at the request of the peition organisers and that it’s now likely to take place on December 13th.

Instead, the Council will be debating a motion put foward by the Lib Dems along the lines of “yadda yadda yadda… this Council resolves to consult parents of children in maintained primary schools about what type of school they want on the Clifden Road site”. Interesting. El Brute has consulted on plenty of things since the Tories surged past Serge to retake York House 18 months ago but strangely this particular school issue is not one of them. So, given the All-in-Ones, the Twickenham Conference (gosh, was it really a year ago that we covered that on here?), the roadshows and the all-the-rests, we can assume that the Conservative Council will be more than happy to sign up to the Lib Dem’s proposal. Surely they will. Won’t they?

The debate will also see 6 pre-submitted questions from the public put to the Council. We can but hope that these shed more light on the great mystery of how the Clifden Road site seemed to be offered to the Diocese of Westminster for an RC school. Or not. Depending on who you listen to, of course.

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