Italian food, eh? Tricky chap, Johnny Italian. You just never know who’s going to show up. A delicious meal with fresh ingredients simply cooked, or something which arrives within seconds of the final ping of the microwave. In reality it depends on many factors including your definition of Italian food. Is it pizza or pasta? Or maybe ye olde “salade tricolore” or some wild mushrooms oozing with autumn flavours? Or even some kind of bizarre Romanesque offal affair. Who knows? Well you do for starters…

La Serenata. So, have you been?
One thing’s a dead cert either way and that’s there are some great Italian restaurants in London. And plenty of average ones too. There are a handful of places serving perfect pizzas and then there’s the rest. It would be unfair to lump all the places serving Italian food in Twickenham into one list and then ask you to judge them. They’re all so different. And can we really class pizza chains as Italian anyway? It would clearly be a ridiculous exercise. But when did fairness ever get a look in on twickerati? Never! That’s bloody well when. So whether it’s a pizza you’re after, something a bit more sophisticated or you’re on the quest of that perfect tiramisu then what’s your choice of Italian as you live la dolce vita in Twickenham? Share your views.

And if case your memory’s failed you then here’s a reminder of what’s on offer in central Twickenham:
Osteria Pulcinella (Church Street), Masaniello (Church Street), Zizzi (York Street), Pizza Express (York Street), Cafe Del Mare Dal Corsaro (York Street), Kamares “Greco-Italian” (Heath Road), Angelo’s (Heath Road), Ask (Staines Road), Casa Mia (Whitton Road), La Serenata (London Road).

Come on! You must have been to one or two of them over the years. And we’d especially like to hear from you if you’ve been to La Serenata. Ever.

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