York House

For those who’ve been waiting avidly for the next step in the regeneration of Twickenham, the Twickenham Action Plan (TWAP) is on the agenda for this Thursday’s Council cabinet meeting. 7.30pm, at York House to be precise. (That snuck out quietly, didn’t it?)

After all the consultations, discussions, All in Ones, etc, El Brute has come up with 10 pages of officer’s report on the options, consultations and the way forward, and a walloping 96-page report on the full monty consultation. (What do you not want on the sorting office site? You mean you really want to KEEP Heatham House? Twickenham Riverside – let’s all just take a deeeep breath. Sell off the police station?? A compulsory purchase order on the Santander block? Who’s paying for that then? etc).

Despite all the consultations, the sessions, the glossy brochures and a hefty price tag (see page 9 of the officer’s report), the response to the plan was not exactly huge. 344 replies to be precise. Among those giving feedback is the Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group which has expressed its views, including the reaction of the company that owns much of the south side of King Street.

Nonetheless, there is a need for a plan for Twickenham, and this is a start. We’re promised further consultation later on this year. But as we’ve said previously, the talk and consultations are great but it’s the consensus and the actual development that’s the hard part. So, once again, as always, when it comes to the regeneration of Twickenham, it’s a case of watch this space.

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