We told you the station debate was getting up steam didn’t we? But did you listen? Did you chuff. So in case you missed it, it updated you on where the station debate had got to and why you still need to comment on Solum’s current plans. We said that just like with the Con-Dem coalition government there was no clear Plan B, but in reality there’s always some kind of Plan B on a drawing board somewhere. Well, now’s your chance to see a real Plan B for Twickenham station.

On Tuesday 18th October the Twickenham Residents Action Group, aka TRAG, are putting on an event at which an alternative set of options for developing the station will be presented to the public. The proposals will offer a lower rise alternative with a strong focus on ensuring the new station meets the needs of residents, visitors and rugby fans. They’re hoping for a decent showing to demonstrate that the Solum way is not the only way.

Public Meeting
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Tue 18th October
Clarendon Hall, York House

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