In a bizarre volte face (yes, we said volte face) that would have even the most flaky politician wincing into their BlackBerry over business meetings in Dubai, we have decided to go all ‘good news’ for a minute or two.

Credit where credit’s due, much as we might think that twickerati is the website of choice for the discerning residents of south west London, we’d be wrong. Two excellent sites with local connections are currently in contention for awards or prizes. They could hardly be more different, but we salute them both…

First is For Sanity’s Sake. We know that there might, just might, be one or two parents of young children who frequent the internet in search of tips, ideas, advice and offers to keep them sane in the world of winding bobbins up and recounting the variety of livestock kept by an ageing farmer named MacDonald. For Sanity’s Sake is designed for them. Set up by Rachel McLean and Andrew Quintero in 2010, FSS caters for parents of pre-school children, providing not just listings of what’s on but also a community where parents can exchange ideas and recommendations. It’s become a real success in the Richmond and Twickenham area and is in contention for a Nat West Community Force prize. And it’s all down to the public vote. The winner will receive £6,000 which, in the case of FSS, will be re-invested in the site to enable them to continue the great work they do. To find out more and vote, click here.

Next, remember the item on here about Twickenham Baths? Yes? The excellent reflection on growing up in Twickenham and the joy of heading off to the outdoor pool in the days before it was just a derelict site to argue over? Well, Kate Monro, the Twickenham girl turned writer who penned that piece, has her Virginity Project blog nominated for a Cosmopolitan blog award. Respect! And even more respect is due as the blog is now both a book and a stage play. What’s the Virginity Project about? Well, it collects first hand testimonies from people about when they did… well… you know what… for the first time. It’s insightful, funny and touching. To find out more about the Cosmo blog awards click here.

And in other news which has a positive spin to it, we acknowledge the following:

St James’ Primary School has just received planning permission to build its new hall and now needs to raise additional funds to make it happen. There’s all sorts of things going on to raise the necessary dosh. Find out more here.

And talking of buildings, down the road at Orleans Park School guess who’s going to open a new building? It’s only the bloody Fonz! Fonzy recently picked up an OBE for his educational work on dyslexia and we salute him for that. Ayyy.

And finally, heading “over the water” – as the Scousers would say – we doff our caps to Richmond’s independent toy shop, the Toy Station, which celebrates 15 years of trading with an in-store event on Saturday 15th October. Impressive stuff given the level of competition in the land of toys.