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With our “phew, what a scorcher” start to October over, it’s back to a more traditional feel to the Autumn weather. This autumnal morning sky had particularly atmospheric feel to it.

Autumn morning, Twickenham

Waitrose, or as they call it, Premier House is getting a full makeover both inside & out. We always like to snap things looking their best and so we kinda like this rushed, poorly lit shot. Lovers of scaffolding must be very excited about the state of London Road at the moment.

Waitrose getting a makeover

Someone has taken it upon themselves to add some graffiti to Lionel Blair’s advert for retirement apartments at Twickenham Green. We assume it was created by a fan of the sort of unsubstantiated innuendo which regularly features on Radio 4 panel shows. We do not condone such defacements. It’s not big. It’s not clever. But it is quite funny. (And for the record, we should point out that Lionel is both married & straight.)

Putting words into Lionel's mouth

You can see a graffiti free Lionel here.

Well wishers turn out to support David Walliams as he swims past Twickenham on a not-so-bright but early Monday morning. It was the final day of his mammoth 140 mile Thames Swim and he raised over £1m for the Sport Relief charity. Impressive stuff on all fronts.

Walliams vs The Thames

Can you spot him?

David Walliams near Twickenham

Could it be, could it possibly be, that Karahi Spices is really going to open? After the months of waiting, rumours and speculation we could be about to witness a small piece of history this Friday…

Karahi Spices, Opening Soon (still)

Summertime and the livin’ is easy, fish are jumpin’ and the buildings are highhhhhh. Yes, we have a lovely summer shot of the Travelodge at Regal House to brighten your day.

Twickenham Travelodge on a summer's morn

(Looking for the previous Pix of the Week item? It’s right here.)


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8 responses to “Pix of the Week

  1. Muldoon

    Seeing Rob Brydon’s contribution above reminded me of dozens of spelling and grammatical errors in signs around the borough. There are quite a few of our own dear Council’s signs with howlers that would be a disgrace if made by an eight-year old schoolchild, e.g: the Council’s banner on the boundary of RACC in Station Road.
    Why not start a category for photos of these? Name and shame, I say!

  2. Gareth Roberts

    I think my favourite Lionel Blair Humph-ism was “Who can forget the occasion when, exhausted and on his knees, he managed to pull off Twelve Angry Men in under two minutes”

  3. Anonymous

    I am a misery, but I went for a walk round Twickers on Saturday night and, though most of the London Road and Church Street restaurants were doing OK, the others were practically empty. On a Saturday night! How is that sustainable and why do the council keep allowing new restaurants to open? I think I may have said this before, but I once counted the number of restaurants between Fullwell and St Margarets and it was something like 70, including pubs that do food. The town centre manager needs to take this issue in hand and many of the current commercial outlets should be converted into flats.

  4. Anon

    That’s the spirit, Simon. Positive, Positive, Positive!

  5. Simon H

    Don’t want to be a misery, but that restaurant will be closed again in six months.

  6. Its not just Vince Cable that opposes Solum’s high-rise tower block plans. Zac Goldsmith, Twickenham Conservatives, Twickenham Lib Dems, Twickenham Society, York House Society, RUG, TRAG and thousands of local residents all object to the plans because of they are oversized, overbearing, poorly designed and contain no affordable housing.
    Visit http://www.trag-sos.co.uk to see details and object now.

  7. anon

    His proposal is also irrelevant, it’s not his call. He’s opposed the Solum plans from the beginning so hardly a shock he proposes a plan B.

    I did note that El Brute are doing their utmost to be obstructive towards the Solum plans though, things like demanding daylight sunlight and glare assessments for the not-yet-built and ‘poor neighbour’ Travelodge come to mind. It does seem as though the writing is on the wall although I can’t say I’m thrilled at the prospect of having our Council Tax wasted on another likely lost planning appeal but I guess if it’s what the people making the noise want it’s what they’ll get.

  8. twickerman

    Travelodge towers look mighty grim. Amazingly they have just erected a sign advertising cheap rooms.
    The proposed station tower blocks will be just as high and only 6m away from Travelodge.
    Vincent Cable’s proposal of a plan B for small scale station improvement is most welcome.