Those who don’t remember their history are condemned to live through it again. Yeah, that’s what we call O Level or GCSE retakes. Luckily we love a bit of history here and so no history retakes were required. Now that we’ve cleared up that particular point we can move forward, to the past.

If you also like your history, especially with a local flavour to it, then check out this great item on the St Margarets community site about giant German bombers over London. No, we’re not talking about the blitz, we’re talking about 1918. Yes, the First World War! It even involves an aeroplane called a Zeppelin-Staaken Riesenflugzeug ‘Giant’ bomber – a massive four engined biplane with a crew of seven. The aim? To bomb London. It’s fascinating stuff from Martyn Day and also covers how the attack was reported in local press at the time. Splendid.

Read more about it on the St Margarets site here.