Local council advertises independent school

[UPDATE: And they’re doing it again this week! But here’s the original item]

There probably nothing in it, nothing at all, but this photo strikes us as just a little strange. What about you? Do you think it’s strange? While you’re thinking about it, here’s why we think it’s strange. Richmond has only one option when it comes to state funded sixth form education, namely Richmond College right here in sunny Twickenham. Quite a few people in the borough would like to see this situation changed with local schools being able to offer some kind of sixth form provision. And, while we’re on the subject of schooling, it’s also true that secondary education has a very high profile at the moment what with the whole Catholic school / inclusive school thing. So why then is El Brute, our beloved local authority, promoting an open evening at St Catherine’s independent school? A banner on the ornate gates of York House looks a lot like an LBRuT endorsement of St Catherine’s (a good school, a Catholic school, but not a state one). It would be interesting to know what the Council’s policy is with regard to advertising on the gates of York House and how much it costs to do it. For example, can we expect a similarly high profile Karahi Spices banner any time soon?

So, is this kind of promotion providing a service to the local community or does a local council promoting an independent school represent something of an error of judgement?