The big debate about a revolution in Borough schooling will not be televised. True, but you will be able to see it on a webcast via El Brute’s site tonight. And it’s not really a revolutionary debate either. More of an airing in the ‘chamber of secrets’ at York House. You’re now thinking, “That made no sense whatsoever”. You could well have a point. No, you DO have a point.

So, to summarise where we are in the great Roman Catholic secondary school debate, coz that’s what we’re talking about…

The number of signatories on the online petition for an inclusive rather than a faith-based secondary has now topped 1,000 which, under El Brute’s rules, requires a debate in Council. That will take place on Tuesday September 13th. The meeting starts at 7.00pm and the Inclusive Schools brigade are calling for a show of support (and photo opportunity, of course) outside York House from 6.00pm. Their petition now has over 1,500 signatures.

At the session, petition instigator Jeremy Rodell of the Richmond Inclusive Schools Campaign will present his petition after which councillors will discuss it. There’s no actual vote involved but the Council can take decisions on what, if anything, to do next on the issue.

Meanwhile he pro-Catholic school lobbyists now have their own petition which is busy racking up signatures. This is in addition to the previous one which earned the photo opportunity with Lord True earlier this year. Funny dat.

So if you would like to see a Roman Catholic secondary established in the Borough or if you think that, particularly at a time when school places are in short supply, any new school should be open to all children regardless of their faith (or, the faith of their parents), then you can still add your names to the petitions.

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