School battle continues

The great debate about whether Richmond needs or wants a Roman Catholic secondary school continues. You’ll already know that the site of Richmond Adult College in Twickenham was provisionally agreed as a suitable location for such a school. And you will remember the photo opportunity grabbed outside York House where a happy looking “Duke of York (House)”, aka Council Leader Lord True, took delivery of a petition from those wanting an RC secondary school in the Borough. Well now there’s a petition that you can sign if you don’t want a Roman Catholic secondary in the Borough. Actually that’s not correct. It’s a petition that you can sign if you think that any new state-funded schools should be open to all regardless of faith.

If you live in the Borough then you can sign up to this particular piece of phrasing:
“We, the undersigned, petition the council to ensure that every state-funded school opening in the borough from now on is inclusive, so that no child can be denied a place in a good local school because of the religion or belief of their parents.”

If this petition gets 1,000 signatures it will trigger a mini-debate at a Council meeting this autumn. School places, or rather lack of them, is a big issue in the borough and affects both our primary and our secondary schools. And it’s something that all parents, future parents or pretty much anyone else with a view on the education system might want to have a say on.

The petition already has over 800 signatures and is here.

This long running Catholic school debate reminds us of the song in Annie Get Your Gun… “Anything True can do, you can do better…. yes you can, no you can’t, yes you can, no you can’t”. Well, not really but you get the gist.

And you can take a look at the Heatham House petition on the same page if you’re so inclined.

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4 responses to “School battle continues

  1. And so the discussion continues. The number of petition signatories has now topped 1,000 which, under Council rules, requires a debate in Council. That will take place on Tuesday September 13th. The meeting starts at 7.00pm and the Inclusive Schools brigade are calling for a show of support (and photo opportunity, of course) outside York House from 6.00pm. The petition now has over 1,500 signatures. Needless to say the pro-Catholic school lobbyists now have their own petition too so this issue could run on for a while yet.

    And if you want a Roman Catholic secondary in the Borough or if you think any new school should be open to all regardless of faith then you can still add your names.

    * El Brute’s calendar of meetings:
    * Other links as before.

  2. The plan is to submit the petition, which now has 958 signatures, to the next Council meeting onSeptember 13.

  3. Boss

    If you’ve not already signed the petition in support of an inclusive school, I encourage you to think clearly about doing so. It’s not just enough to get the 1,000 signatures that would trigger a council debate – we need to show there is overwhelming concern from the people of the Borough about the Council’s education policy. You’d be horrified if it was suggested that other council resources should be opened only to restricted members of the public, so why should a school be any different?

  4. …and if you support the campaign for inclusive schools and want to be kept informed (or even to get involved – no obligation of course) go to and sign up.