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Building work is picking up at Gifford House, or rather, what was Gifford House. After much toing and froing the site of the former old people’s home facing Twickenham Green is being turned into… retirement flats. Lionel Blair seems pretty happy with life on this poster, but then again he frequently does.

Would you buy a flat off this man?

Sign on a gate at Marble Hill Park. Clearly the health & safety person and a park goers take different views. Or maybe the person putting the sign up disagreed with the bosses? (photo via @monkeybanjo).

Someone's not happy!

This photo perfectly captures what makes Twickenham so special when summer finally arrives.

Summer Fun in Twickenham

A hot, hot, hot afternooon for the crowds at Strawberry Hill House for the Music & Fun Day (sponsored by the RFU etc).

Music Day at Strawberry Hill

Building work is progressing on the 10 storey hotel being tacked onto the side of Regal House.

Hotel building work at "Fort Regal"

Twickenham Festival gets under way with a tug of war session outside the Barmy Arms. Yes, as they’d say on twitter, #twickfest has begun.

Twickenham Festival gets under way

Another (mostly) dry weekend in Twickenham. Yes, we’re talking weather rather than alcohol. Here’s Moor Mead in need of a drink…[needless to say, that was taken before it absolutely chucked it down on Sunday night!]

A very dry Moor Mead in Twickenham.

Local sleb and professional chap, Mr Rob Brydon spotted and tweeted this notice at the KFC in Twickenham. We went down to take a look at this interesting use of English.

KFC in Twickenham shows an interesting use of English

It’s a “beach party” theme for the London 7s rugby at Twickenham. These guys are getting in the mood with an early beer and a KFC. Party!!!

Getting in the mood for London 7s with beer & KFC

The hotel to be bolted onto the side of 60s “icon” Regal House is making progress. It will be 10 storeys where it joins Regal House (getting lower towards the Mary’s Terrace houses) and just a few metres from the tallest of the proposed station blocks. No doubt the hotel will do brisk trade on rugby weekends.

Work is now well underway on the hotel bolted onto the side of Regal House.

The old DSS building on Heath Road is now rubble. It’s being replaced by 22 flats with ground floor retail units.

DSS building to be replaced by flats

Easter weekend. Sunshine & The White Swan pub. Some might say it puts the twee into Tweekenham, but who cares, it’s a great pub on days like these.

A sunny Easter weekend @ The White Swan

Building work starts to get serious at the former King Street Post Office / CostCutter which is being turned into a WH Smith.

Old PO & shop to become WH Smith

…And further down Heath Road, the old DSS building, a piece of functional 1950s architecture is to be replaced by a block of 22 flats with ground floor retail space.

Old DSS site to become 22 flats

A proper spring weekend hits south-west London with green spaces filling up with people taking in the sunshine. We could just do with some more Icelandic volcanic ash to keep the planes at bay. Lovely. And of course, accompanying the sun are the first sightings of rubbish left on the grass by a small but detemined band of ignorant picnickers. Not so lovely.

Spring sunshine on Twickenham Green

Twickenham’s lovely new Post Office. It’s in a portakabin… in the car park… of the old Royal Mail sorting office. Inspired! Apparently the Post Office are looking for a new permanent home. If only there were some vacant shops in Twickenham or maybe some nearby Council Offices that could be used.

Looking Gooood. The temporary post office in Twickenham. In the old sorting office car park.

The foundations are going in for the hotel extension at Regal House. It will be the same height as Regal House at the point where it joins, but does get lower towards the houses at Mary’s Terrace.

Regal House. A chance to see the footprint of the new hotel extension.

Friday 18th March saw a demo outside the Liberal Democrat offices in Lion Road Twickenham. The protest concerned Vince Cable and his role as Business Secretary, a brief which covers promoting UK businesses, including those which specialise in making stuff that can actually kill people. And yes, there were other demonstrators there too.

Demonstators protesting that Business Secretary Vince Cable is helping promote arms sales.

Drilling for oil in Twickenham. Or maybe, piles.

Construction work at Regal House, Twickenham

Spring hits Twickenham, finally.

Spring in Twickenham

Spring featured in York House Gardens

And one from the end of Feb in Richmond Park…
Copse in Richmond Park

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11 responses to “Pix of the week

  1. Gareth Roberts

    A disgraceful sign. It should read ‘Owing to’ not ‘Due to’. Tsk!

  2. Twicktor Meldrew

    I’m disappointed at the size of the much awaited WHSmith. Considering the size of the old shop, plus the Post Office at the back, I thought it would be bigger. I hope all our new shops aren’t going to follow the M&S route of cramming too much into too little space.

  3. twickerman

    …..and talking of East/West Europe…the Travelodge development is the second piece in the jigsaw of building ‘the Twickenham Wall’ that will divide East from West Twickenham. Once the Solum 9 and 10 storey blocks are added, just 5m away from Travelodge and Regal House, the Great Wall will be complete………..that’s if residents allow it to go ahead.
    Passports may be required to cross the Twickenham border!
    It is apparent that the Solum development will be on the West side of the border as no affordable housing is included in their latest application.

  4. Gawain

    More retail space. Just what Twickenham needs.

  5. nemesis

    And more to the point – it was a British Passport – not an EU one.

  6. Gareth Roberts

    Ha ha!

  7. Gareth Roberts

    A week or so ago I attempted to convince my young assistant that time was when you could go down to your local post office with nothing more than a birth certificate, a photo and some cash and come straight out the proud possessor of a visitor passport which you could use all over Europe.

    She looked at me with the eye of somebody who was within an ace of reaching for the phone and ordering the men with the straitjackets to come over pdq.

    • gawain

      “All over Europe” – except that much of Europe then was behind the Iron Curtain and unvisitable!

      But your basic point is well-made

  8. gawain

    Good that Twick is getting a WHS. Maybe the Post Office will go upstairs therein as they have in Richmond?

    I really miss proper old post offices. Especially the thump of official stamps and the smell of ink. Now all bleeps and barcodes…bah!

  9. Simon H

    I wish Vince Cable would get a new front door. I hate that cheapo, plastic thing he’s got. I know times are hard, but a trip to the timber yard would benefit us all.