Twickenham Green Fete

The Village of Twickenham Green (yes, there is such a place apparently) is hosting its annual fete today. No prizes for guessing where it’s taking place. Suffice it to say that the event starts at midday and runs through to the early evening. The weather’s certainly doing the business so far and what with Andy Murray not being in the Wimbledon men’s final, there should be a decent turnout. Don’t forget your suncream.

As per, there’ll be stalls, games, food (AJ’s award winning pies have been recommended to us), local art, music and other entertainment. If you’re in the market for some relaxation, there’s an aromatherapy stall. Or if you want to get more relaxed then The King’s Arms is providing the bar facilities featuring beer from our most local of breweries, Twickenham Fine Ales. There’s also some serious bouncy castle and inflatable slide action lined up. N.B. That’s for children rather than for adults feeling just a little too relaxed after a few pints of Sundancer.

So, how was it for you? Got any pictures of it you’d like us to feature? Add comments or links here.


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4 responses to “Twickenham Green Fete

  1. Rosilyn Bullock

    Could anyone please tell me when Twickenham Green Fete 2013 is on?

    Thank you.

  2. Gareth Roberts

    Good to see the friends of Heatham House out and mobilising their forces to oppose the proposed sell off of this highly valued youth service.

    The more I think about the Tory plan to flog off Heatham House (though in fairness it only appears in two of the three proposals) the more it seems to have a familiar ring about it.

    A council owned site…… close to a river location…….proposed sale to provide perceived ‘luxury’ accommodation……. No! I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  3. George

    Disappointed that I missed most of it including the Twickenham Beers at the beer tent but did enjoy a bit of rock & roll to round off the week end. Good weather for it too. But what is it about these things that bring out the cider drinkers? They seemed to be enjoying it the most!

  4. Sorry to miss it – Strawberry Hill was great last week – but we are in Munich this weekend. Go party, Twickenham!