Station of the Crass (now with added podium)

While we wait for the Solum’s revised plans for Twickenham Station to get fully validated and open for comments on El Brute’s planning pages, the Richmond Informer (doing what its names suggests) informs us that the Twickenham Advisory Panel will be hosting a public meeting to give an airing to the whole station business. It’s perhaps the first time that we’ve seen the TWickenham Advisory Panel in action. Fair play to the TwAPs, we look forward to seeing what they can do.

They’ve even persuaded someone from Solum Regeneration to come along and explain it all. Perhaps it will be Nigel Carr who attended the Future of Twickenham Conference back in October and seemed to imply (though we could be mistaken, of course) that the people of Twickenham were opposed to modern developments. OK, so there are some people out there who’d love a mock-Victorian station block but most peeps just want a well designed, modern development that’s not ten (now nine) storeys high and will cater for the town and rugby fans for the next few decades. Perhaps Solum will surprise us. They could throw us a curve ball and flip around their revised plans to turn their River Crane-side Georgian terrace into the actual station building itself. Do this and Twickenham would become famous not only as the home of rugby but as the birthplace of railway industry too. Choo choo. There’s logic in there somewhere.

The meeting is at Richmond College on Thursday 14th July. If you want to attend then the Panellistas are asking for expressions of interest by phone or email. Likewise, questions are to be emailed in advance. The Informer has more details.

Meanwhile Solum’s plans for the podium on which part of the development will be built, have gone through another iteration. Revised drawings have been received by the Council. These are supposed to give a better picture of what the thing will actually look like when it’s built, including its proximity to the new hotel, Fort Regal, that is going up next door. If you commented previously you can comment on the revisions by 7 July.

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7 responses to “Station of the Crass (now with added podium)

  1. Telemachus

    I thought it was a good pun. – I’ve even got the album (stations to be exact) from my misspent youth!

  2. Gareth Roberts

    Station of the Crass? You need a new pun barrel as you’re risking scraping right through the bottom of your current one 😉

  3. Residents can comment on the application before the formal consultation starts by clicking on ‘Comment On Application’ in the top right hand corner of the Case File page: . Only one comment has been published so far, from a St Margaret’s resident, in support of the scheme.

    The letter from Jon Freer [Ass Dir Environment, LBRuT] dated 22.06.11 to the developer detailing what is lacking from the application is at

    • Yvonne Hewett

      Chris – thanks! The letter from Jon Freer is a corker, full of details like the number of school places actually available and the effect the development could have, the volume of PCT facilities, and possible environmental impacts, including loss of light. Well worth reading and making notes.

    • Here is the section re school places, which puts some interesting numbers into the public domain:

      ‘ . . • The tables at 7.6.53 and 7.6.58 take no account of admissions patterns, re whether children in TWl in general. and in the proposed development specifically, would stand any chance of admission to schools within the arbitrary two- and three-mile catchment areas that Regeneris have used. For example. the cut-off distance this year for admission to the closest community primary school (Orleans Infant) to the Station was just 466 metres. Demand for that school and for St Mary’s, the only other primary school in Central Twickenham/St Margaret’s, has risen to the extent that this year Orleans received 376 applications for its 90 places and St Mary’s received 324 applications for its 60 places. As a result, there are currently 50 children in TWl for whom we have so far been unable to find Reception class places for September.

      • The closest secondary schools – Orleans Park and Waldegrave School for Girls ­are equally oversubscribed: this year. Orleans Park received 1,005 applications for its 200 places and Waldegrave received 787 for its 200 places. Whilst we currently have spare capacity at three schools outside TWl – i.e. Hampton, Twickenham and Richmond Park Academies – the Council’s forecasts are that. unless new schools are established in the interim, it will not be able to meet demand from in-borough residents. Please see Section 5 at: http://cabnet.richmond_gov,uklmgConverl2POF.aspx?10=23720.

      • For Regeneris to conclude that the development would have ‘moderate adverse’ or ‘negligible’ impact on the Council’s ability to provide school places for its residents is wholly erroneous. Taken in conjunction with the development at the RFU. and the proposed development of the Royal Mail sorting office, it would compound the Council’s difficulties to the extent that demand for places could not be met within existing resources.

      • Mitigation measures in terms of full Planning Obligation Strategy contribution towards both primary and secondary needs to be agreed . . ‘

    • The whole text of the letter is at:
      It is indeed a remarkable critique of the application – I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at Maddox Associates when they received it!

    • Yvonne Hewett

      An interesting flood of support *for* the development has appeared in the online comments. TRAG, where are you?