So, did you get to the All in One session at the Civic Offices on Saturday? You didn’t? Well, there are a few more chances to have your say. Take them. On Thursday 16th June, you can get yourself updated at the Civic Centre (44 York Street) between 4.00 & 8.00pm. Can’t make that? Why not try the stall at the Twickenham Taste Festival in Church Street on Saturday 19th June between 10.00am and 5.00pm. Still can’t do it or maybe you just bloody love it when you connect with the Council? Then why not go crazy with their online questionnaire.

The whole thing is part of the Twickenham Area Action Plan that El Brute are consulting on at the moment. The Duke of York (House), the one True Leader, has described the plan as providing the “opportunity to take a fresh look at the town centre” and “another chance to get involved in shaping its future”. Fair play. The consultation lasts until 22nd July and here at twickerati HQ we’ll be scouring the plan for nuggets of wit, wisdom and “winspiration” (a great word we’ve just invented only to find it’s already out there). We’ll also be on the lookout for the hidden hand of the Twickenham Panel in all of this. Expect more on this important issue on twickerati in the near future but in the meantime, check out how to have your say. After all, it’s your town too. Don’t just leave its future to those with sensible footwear.

LBRuT’s Twickenham consultation page here.
LBRuT’s main Twickenham area action plan page is here.

Previously on twickerati….

The All in One. Remember it? Of course you do! You don’t? Oh well then… in a nutshell: Richmond Council (LBRuT) do their All in One survey across the Borough. Residents and businesses give their views on life, love, shopping, planning and all things local. Next, “El Brute” (as only we call them but, fear not, it will catch on) pull the whole thing together into some kind of “ideas soup”. This great, bubbling cooking pot of suggestions and recommendations is flavoured with a dash of ‘out of the box thinking’, a sprinkling of envelope pushing, and a hint of blue sky. Delicious.

Now, they’re taking this wholesome mix on the road to allow residents to sample the concerns, suggestions and ideas that came out of the survey and find out more about what might happen next. The Council have announced a series of tour dates and of course it will most definitely be rolling into Twickenham. Interestingly El Brute’s website refers to these “Your Area, Your Say” events as taking place in “villages” across the Borough. Villages? Who knew? Yep, it must be about bonding and engagement. Bond with your village community! BOND as if your life depends on it!

You can find out more about what the good burghers of Twickenham and Strawberry Hill thought at the Civic Centre (44 York Street, Twickenham) on Saturday 11 June between 10am and 4pm.

It might not surprise you to learn that the locals are overwhelmingly satisfied with the area as a place to live and love the parks and open spaces. As for things needing improvement, it was down to the usual suspects of shopping, traffic, parking and pavements. There’s more on the Council site about it but why not go to the open day to remind yourself of what you said.

In addition to the 11 June gig for Twickenham, some other dates on the tour are:
Whitton – 14 May, Murray Hall Park. Kneller Road
Teddington – 15 June, Elleray Hall, Teddington
Hamptons – 25 June, Hampton Academy
Glastonbury – 26 June, Pyramid Stage
Reading – 27 August, NME / Radio 1 Stage

Can’t wait for the tour T-shirt. In the meantime, a bit of inside info… Richmond Council have yet to officially deny rumours that these gigs will see the 10 strong “Twickenham Panel” performing their own interpretation of Primal Scream’s classic album “Screamadelica”.

The Twickenham Panel performing at a "secret gig"
No official denial from the powers that be? Sounds like we’re on to something here, especially as the Panel were spotted recently performing a low key warm-up gig on the Green. But of course, if you can remember it, then you weren’t there. So, will you be going along to these feedback sessions? Let us have your comments.

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