How do you celebrate a first birthday? If you’re a child then you usually get dumped in a high-chair and have a parent stuff cake into your mouth while other people stand around singing songs at you while sticking a paper hat on your head. Yeah, thanks a bunch for that!

Here at twickerati HQ we considered something similar for the site’s first birthday which falls this weekend but took the view that we couldn’t get high-chairs strong enough to support the weight of one adult, let alone a whole team of highly trained journalist. So what the hell, we opted for a weekend trip to Cannes instead.

Luxury yachts moored at Cannes
Sunshine, cocktails, fine dining, team bonding and yet more cocktails, all overlooking the floating gin palaces of the rich and famous. You just couldn’t make it up. And you can see from the picture that it’s brilliant spring weather out here by the Med.

Sipping our drinks we began speculating on why, why, WHY this site exists and what it has achieved in the past year. In truth, we just don’t know and, by the time we down our fourth martini we probably won’t care anyway.

But we’ll try to give you some insight:
A spring evening in 2010. Alcohol being consumed, heavily. A party which seemed to feature successful “glitterati” Twickenham types (albeit, said with tongue firmly in cheek). A conversation about new media and the Twitterati. An election looming. A recognition that local issues frequently seemed to be the preserve of the worthy and fanatical. Yes, we’re talking beards for the gents and lace-up shoes for the women. A sense that many of the people who live in Twickenham might want to read about their town in a (slightly) alternative way. An understanding that years of posting comments on football discussion boards will not actually lead to anything constructive. PING! An idea for a vanity project that builds on all of the above.

Then… A hangover. A domain registered. A blog site activated. A Twitter account and a Facebook page set up. Some stories written. A few readers. A lull. A few more readers. Some comments. Some more readers. Some more comments… And now you know as much as us.

So that’s the ‘why’. But what has it achieved? Let’s just get another round in first. Slammers all round this time? “Garcon!”

a cake... in twickenham
Right then… If it’s made you think a bit more about issues in the town then great. If you’ve pondered whether you want high-rise buildings at the station or not, whether you want King Street bulldozed or not, whether Lord True really is Ralph from The Fast Show, or whether you agree that the Delhi Durbar is better than Twickenham Tandoori then it’s had some success. If it’s entertained or annoyed you in the process then even better. If you’ve recommended it to a friend, then even better still.

Over the last 12 months we’ve had contributions from local people and local businesses, we’ve written all sorts of crap, we’ve had Councillors arguing with each other, we’ve had regular commenters and borderline stalkers and we’ve had the occasional link or mention elsewhere. It’s all good and continues to grow.

So thanks again for your support. And don’t bother posting comments on this item because we’re too busy lining up yet another round of tequila slammers to medorate them. If you help to be really, really wantful then just tell a fiend about twattericki instead. Cheers! Hic!