Hi prays for twickerati

“I simply want to tell you that I’m all new to weblog and absolutely savored your web site. Very likely I’m likely to bookmark your blog . You absolutely come with incredible well written articles. Bless you for sharing your web site.”

Wow!! It’s always great to get positive feedback. A little bit of praise can go a long way, so imagine the delight at the twickerati HQ when that beautifully crafted missive arrived in the comments queue. Unfortunately our number one fan did not reveal too much about him or herself. We’d love him (or her) to write an article for the site but we reckon that he (or she… or it) is perhaps not even a Twickenham resident. A shame. But local or not, we’re happy to grab that bit of praise by the shoulders and plant a smacker right on its rosy cheeks.

But our new friend did get us thinking, and this is where you come in, dear reader. Do you have feedback you’d like us to consider to make your twickerati experience even more “marginally above average?”. Would you, for example, like even more coverage of the station? More coverage of local shops? More features by other contributors and more coverage about what’s on in Twickenham ? Or less? So much less?

And more importantly… what do you think of the adverts on the site? Do the generic Google ads annoy you like they annoy us? If so, would you prefer to see adverts for local businesses? Or no ads at all? The deep pockets of the widow of a rich Nigerian general whose donations help to fund this site could perhaps stretch to getting rid of the Google ads. Perhaps. We’ll just have to sell some more Rolex watches to make it happen.

And did you know you can submit your comments without having to give an email address? We’d prefer it if you did, even though email addresses are never published, but it’s not obligatory. It just means that your comments get checked before they are released on the site. A perfect route if you’re a bit shy or have a particularly stupid name.

So, dear readers, what do you want less of, more of or even the same amount of? After all… “You absolutely come with incredible well written comments. Bless you for sharing your comments on this web site.”


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10 responses to “Hi prays for twickerati

  1. I pretty much like the site the way it is. I tune out to the ads – I didn’t even notice they were there. We are all loving it in my office – especially the humour – which is pitched just right. Maybe you should get some T-shirts (Twi-Shirts?) printed up? Run an event? Open a Twickerati coffee shop for fans of the site?
    Watch out, you might hit megafame. 🙂

  2. Jeremy Rodell

    Just keep going as you are! Great site, and very well-written.

  3. twickerman

    Congratulations on such a great site with a good balance of current affairs and local events and info.
    Maybe you could add a series of bedtime stories sponsored by Solum entitled ‘Tall Storeys’.
    On second thoughts that would be way too scary.

  4. Thanks for all the feedback. Needless to say “more of everything” would be great but time is a factor. However, 3rd party contributions are always welcome whether as features or reviews or simply as nuggets of Twickenham gold for inclusion in updates, etc. These can be posted or emailed to twickerati [at] gmail.

    (and of course egg price stories are also welcome. Might look to see if we can run a scrolling ticker with up to date prices. TSC 1.79, ICE 1.29, WTR 1.56 etc.)

  5. monkeybanjo

    How about more articles on the price of eggs?

  6. Joy

    I like the mix of subjects and reviews. It’s an informative, entertaining read. I tend to tune out ads – not sure they’d enhance the site. Well done, Twickerati – and thank you.

  7. Chris

    Would like to see more of everything!! Great to have a local blog/tweeter as I don’t think there’s any competition in twickenham. I’d love to see more articles along the lines of ‘best coffee in…’ for pubs/shops/takeaways etc in the area, and maybe reviews of events?

  8. leelcampbell

    Happy to see some local business ads in preference to the google ones.
    Also happy to contribute with local bits – I work on E P Is and see a lot of river life – live near the station too.
    I spoke at length to the chaps at the Business Fair last night at the stadium who were promoting the latest station development (Solum) bit lower now – only 5 storeys.
    Keep up the good work

    • twickerman

      Hi Lee
      I’m very interested in your comments about the station development.
      Was it actually Solum you spoke to? Did they have new plans? Did the 5 storeys start from bridge level (ie 2 storeys above ground level)? So many questions I’m afraid, but the Solum 10 storey application raises many more questions than answers.
      I’d really appraciate your feedback.
      Thanks in advance, twickerman

  9. George

    I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on a website advert so I’m generally immune to them. Local adverts would be more interesting but only if they were relevant, like restaurants, shops & some services. The site content is about the right mix, unless you’re trying to compete with the local paper, which I’m guessing you’re not resourced to do unless your “rich benefactor” gets you some more cash. So, to sum it up, I like it.