OK so it’s just about worth a recurring item on the travel & transport issues around the town. And no, this will not, repeat not, feature traffic reports. If you want local traffic reports or even weather reports, then just take a look out of your window.

New Bus Route?

A bus lane... in Twickenham
The Richmond and Twickenham Times is reporting on the group of locals lobbying for a bus route to run from Twickenham to Kingston via Cross Deep and Strawberry Vale. It seems one of the most logical routes for a bus to travel considering the alternative is the meandering 281 (seriously, who designed that route?). We can only assume that the reason such a direct route is not already operational is due to something other than common sense. So perhaps it’s time to focus on that aspect and get this route in place. Or better still why not a circular route running Twickenham, Strawberry vale, Hampton Wick, Kingston, Ham, Richmond, Twickenham. And of course going the other way too.

Not too many people shed a tear when the Tories announced that the Lib Dem’s CO2 based parking charges would be scrapped. Those charges set out to penalise owners of gas guzzling cars. But only if they lived in one of the Borough’s controlled parking zones… and only if they needed to park on the street as opposed on their lovely gravel drive. The Tories have set out a new approach which moves away from the CO2 based charges but is still proving slightly complicated to understand. The scheme was set to go live in April but we now learn that its implementation is to being put back to June. As part of this, charges for using Borough car parks are likely to rise but if you get yourself a free Richmond Card then you’ll be entitled to parking discounts and be able to park anywhere (well, we say anywhere but you know what we mean) for 30 minutes free of charge. Handy for popping to the shops in your 4×4.

Details on the Richmond Cards are here
El Brute’s press release on the deferral is here
(Disclaimer: Other modes of transport may be equally valid and possibly more effective)