Well, it appears that people power has led to the scrapping of the planned playground near the Shot Tower in Crane Park. The Richmond & Twickenham Times relates the tale of how the work was first halted after the discovery of old artefacts on the site and then scrapped after residents’ concerns over anti-social behaviour won the day. Alternative locations for the playground are now being looked into.

A triumph for nimbys? Or a victory for concerned residents who’ve finally managed to get a genuine problem acknowledged by the Council?

Our original story below…

Okay so we’re stretching the boundaries of ‘hyperlocal’ on this one and heading upstream on Twickenham’s second largest river, the Crane. It’s surprising how many people have not followed the River Crane from Kneller Gardens all the way up to the shot tower in Crane Park on the Whitton / Hanworth borders. It’s only a mile or so and is worth a visit. They used to make lead shot and gunpowder on the site and it still has something of an explosive side to it. The land is now a mixture of woodland, open space and nature reserve and you can access the tower itself once a month. And just to give you a bit of topical background, there’s an issue rumbling on up there for months that’s been getting some residents most vexed. It concerns a playground. You’re thinking, “What? They want one and are being denied it by evil councillors?”. Quite the opposite. A playground has been proposed but many locals aren’t keen. It seems that providing facilities for kids will attract local yoofs who will, perhaps, enjoy nothing more than hanging around late into the evening and generally making a nuisance of themselves. It’s a shame when the provision of new facilities will lead to – or is perceived as leading to – an increase in anti-social behaviour. What is the world coming to etc etc? [Your rant goes here.] Whatever the arguments, perhaps there’s also some merit in the line that it should be possible to enjoy some open spaces without a car park, a cafe, a playground, a gift shop and a life-sized hologram of Terry Wogan giving a guided tour. Royal Parks take note!

Meanwhile our pics page has a few pictures of the shot tower and Crane Park nature reserve.
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