Spring breezed into Twickenham at the weekend. Although still only mid-March, talk to just about anyone and there’s a feeling that a spell of decent sunshine is long overdue. Well, Saturday provided it and suddenly things didn’t seem quite so bad. A bright sun in a clear blue sky, blossom on the trees, boats on the river. Time to get outside and ponder on the fundamental questions of life. Questions such as when will the Twickenham Panel be named and who would win a fight between the staff of the Coach House café and the ones at Orleans Gardens Café. And questions too of wider, national significance such as what exactly is the point of Piers Morgan these days?

Plenty of people out strolling, biking, pushing buggies, walking dogs, playing ball. A day to make you think, “Yes. Now that’s why I live in Twickenham” (unless you were stuck indoors, that is).

Of course you already know what flowers, leaves ‘n’ shit look like but here are some reminders, just in case it’s raining when you get to read this. It all might seem more Twee-kenham than Twickenham but what the hell….

Champion’s Wharf (aka that funny little sculpture park thing by the river, in front of the Church)
Champion's Wharf, Twickenham

And again

River at Orleans House Gardens (nr Hammerton’s Ferry)

Thames at Twickenham, looking towards Richmond Hill

Grounds of Orleans House Gallery
Blossom at Orleans House Gallery

Statue in OHG grounds
Statue at Orleans House

Topping off that day was an amazing full moon. The celestial Andrew Ridgely to our earthly George Michael was at its closest point to us for 18 years. Photos abound of the “supermoon” but this picture, culled shamelessly from Flickr and taken by Graham Bancroft was taken in Twickenham. And yes it really did seem that big and that bright.

Moon over Twickenham (c: Graham Bancroft)
Moon over Twickenham (c: Graham Bancroft)